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Worst surprise TV twist of the year



Spoilers for Bold Emissions

As 2021 draws to a close, I’d like to talk about the TV endings, especially the worst of the year. Some of them arrived on good shows, and some on bad ones, but what’s remarkable is that the worst twist of the year didn’t come on either of the two most twisted series in the year, Manifesto and La Bréa. Interestingly, while everything else about these two series is bad, they’re generally decent with twists and turns, like killing Grace and aging the five-year-old in the Manifesto final, or revealing that the now-separated husband La Bréa is actually 10,000 years in the past, but passed through a different time gap in 1988.

Riverdale could also be a decent candidate for the worst twist, in a year in which Archie contracted rage and was also murdered in what turned out to be an alternate universe (Rivervale). Riverdale is almost entirely based on bad twists and turns, so neither reveal was particularly shocking. the Sex and the city series of suites, And just like that could also have qualified to kill Mr. Big in the opening episode, but, for the show anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise when, days later, it was revealed that Chris Noth had a long history of violent sexual assault. Mr. Big’s death allowed the show to bypass the story of Noth’s egregious sexual behavior instead of finding a way to continue airing the series with the Chris Noth episodes already filmed.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond Probably wins for the worse without a twist, as viewers continued to hope for a twist that could save one of the worst TV shows, but it never happened. The same could be said for the mother series, which crosses the movements in its final seasons. Nuclear bomb on Fear the living dead It looked like a big swing at the time, but it has proven detrimental to an already creatively inert series, as all the characters are trapped in a nuclear wasteland. Kate and Toby divorce It’s us wasn’t the worst twist of the year, but it was a very silly twist (especially since Kate ended up marrying Chris Geere from You are the worst, a character we barely knew).

In the end, my pick for the worst twist of the year came down to two series. The twist of the pilot episode of Mayor of Kingstown, however, turned out to be more disappointing than bad. The show killed off the show’s biggest draw to myself (and many others): the character of Kyle Chandler. The man is placed in the front and center of the poster and factored into all pre-release marketing. He barely had 10 minutes of screentime.

However, the worst, most laughable, silly, unnecessary and out of left field of the year has happened. The morning show, which had a great first season before becoming a muffled soap opera in its second. The worst-case scenario of the season, however, came when the show decided to follow its Steve Carell’s Matt Lauer, Mitch Kessler, to Italy, where he attempted to live anonymously after multiple sexual assault allegations destroyed his career. . The morning show went to great lengths to humanize Kessler, find him a girlfriend, and even vaguely redeem him, which didn’t work, but as far as it did, it was only because he was played by Steve Carell, who is hard to hate.

Nonetheless, after an unsuccessful and timid attempt to redeem the character, the show … killed him. He went out to get cigarettes for his girlfriend and literally rolled off a cliff and dived to his death. It was comically bad, unexpected, and extremely unusual for the show. It’s also the worst thing Steve Carell has ever done, and I’ve seen The incredible Burt Wonderstone.

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