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Will Smith’s Deadshot Movie Isn’t Happening, That’s Good (DCEU Replaced It)


It’s been reported that a solo Deadshot movie starring Will Smith was in development at Warner Bros., but has been on hold for a long time.

A Will Smith Beaten down the movie could have happened, but it’s actually good news for the DCEU that it didn’t. Following conflicting reports from a meeting of Warner Bros. to discuss the future of Ezra Miller films for the studio, it was revealed that a Beaten down solo film with Will Smith was once in development. The film, however, was reportedly put on hold due to Smith’s $20 million salary demands.

Will Smith played Floy Lawton, the mercenary known as Deadshot, in 2016 suicide squad. Despite the bad reviews, suicide squad made $746 million at the box office, and before the release of Aladdin was Will Smith’s highest-grossing film. It helps explain why a spin-off for Deadshot was originally planned, and why a Harley Quinn movie and sequel happened despite suicide squadthe reception. Smith also got a chance to reprise the role of Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, but could not be in the film due to scheduling conflicts.


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Will Smith’s Beaten down The Movie Not Happening makes sense considering the DCEU effectively replaced the character. Since Will Smith didn’t reprise his role as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, writer and director James Gunn cast Bloodsport as a reluctant new villain with a girl to protect whose skills revolved around guns. Although Deadshot wasn’t recast left the door open for Will Smith’s return, a solo Beaten down the film at this point would feel like a regression given the character’s association with the critical panning suicide squad. While Will Smith’s performance as Deadshot was one of the film’s few high points, the character’s arc now feels flat compared to how The Suicide Squad managed Bloodsport – both in terms of his relationship with his daughter and how his skills play out in the team. Essentially, if characters from the suicide squad franchise besides Harley Quinn were to get their own movie, so it would make more sense to be the characters in the far more well-received The Suicide Squad.

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It’s also worth noting that Will Smith’s Deadshot is closely tied to Ben Affleck’s Batman. It’s Affleck’s Batman that Smith’s Deadshot faces off at the start of suicide squadand this is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe version of the hero who stops Floyd Lawton. However, Ben Affleck’s status as Batman in the DCEU is still quite uncertain, with the actor having previously stated that he no longer has any interest in working with IP addresses. If Ben Affleck’s Batman and His Universe Doesn’t Continue in the DCEU After the flashthen it would make even less sense to make a movie centered around one of his villains. The Suicide Squad characters like Bloodsport and Peacemaker, on the other hand, aren’t tied to any specific version of a DCEU hero and may have a much more cohesive future in this new phase of the franchise.

There is no doubt that Will Smith could wear a Beaten down solo movie, but it’s good for the DCEU that the project never moved forward. Beyond the financial question, a Beaten down film would also be a risky bet in terms of audience reception, and it could have suffered the same kind of rejection as Birds of prey and even the well received The Suicide Squad suffered because of the first suicide squad. The 2016 film shouldn’t be something the DCEU wants to revisit, and the franchise should look to the future instead.

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