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Will a “This Is Us” movie take place? The show creator weighed in


With This Is Us: The Final Season five episodes, the story of the Pearsons comes to an end. According to director Dan Fogelman, this has been the plan from the start; although the series was not planned beat for beat, six seasons was “the road map”. But now, facing the end of the series, perhaps Fogelman is considering a way to move things forward. So will be a It’s us movie happen? When asked, the showrunner didn’t say no.

At It’s us A panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, Fogelman was peppered with questions about the latest episodes. Reporters asked everything from whether Kevin was returning to a reboot of The Manny was planned all along (no, but they’d like to pretend it was) about how many more scenes take place in the future flash-forward. The answer to the latter is quite extensive, apparently, with broad hints of an entire episode set either in 2034 and Rebecca’s passing, or in the Adult Jack timeline in 2050.

But the big question was how did it feel at the end of the series. “I think it’s something we’re all dealing with right now,” Fogelman told the assembled reporters. “It’s getting a little more real right now. At the start of the season we were getting a lot of questions about it, but I don’t think it felt very real. And all of a sudden now I’m writing the final scripts. We’re getting there quickly.

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But Fogelman admitted he was open to the idea when asked if he might see the Pearsons again in a movie a few years later, much like Downton Abbey do.

“I’m not saying no to anything,” he said. “I’m very aware that a midlife crisis is right around the corner for me and whatever I do next, I’m going to hate about this show and these actors. So I’m saying no to nothing.”

However, he pointed out that (as Downtown) gathering the vast cast could be a tall order. “I suspect that when I want to redo something for It’s us with these guys, they’ll all be very busy winning awards and Emmys and Oscars,” Fogelman joked. “But of course,” he continued. “If we can find a movie down the road, I would love to get back with these guys and do it. I don’t know what it would be. By the end of this season, I think we’ll have told the full story, so I’m not sure. It’s like you’re making the movie about what would have happened if Jack had survived the fire or something, but I don’t know…”

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, chimed in, “Well, here’s your movie. You just wrote it!” Fogelman laughed, but then looked down at his phone. “The president of NBC is literally texting me right now, ‘Yes to the movie.

So maybe this won’t be the end of the Pearsons after all.

This Is Us: The Final Season returns with episode 6 on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.