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Why the Wheel of Time characters are older on the Amazon show


Amazon Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins reveals why the main characters of the upcoming show are older than their counterparts in the book.

Rafe Judkins, showrunner for the next Amazon The wheel of time The series revealed why the main characters in the series are older than their counterparts in the book. Based on the epic fantasy series written by Robert Jordan, The wheel of time is a gigantic tale that spans thirteen huge volumes and is one of the best-selling fantasy series since JRR Tolkien the Lord of the Rings. While Jordan himself died before he could finish his series, thanks to the copious notes he had prepared before his death, his fellow author and series fan Brandon Sanderson was able to come and finish the last two books.

Over the years, multiple attempts to bring Jordan’s work to the screen, whether as a TV series or a feature film, have emerged. In 2000, Jordan himself revealed that NBC had approached him for a potential miniseries, and in 2008, Universal Studios had opted for the first book. Eye of the world for a film adaptation. Neither project would come to fruition, and again in 2015, Red Eagle Entertainment paid to broadcast on a low budget. Wheel of time pilot, produced for the sole purpose of retaining television rights. Nonetheless, a year later, the film rights reverted to Jordan’s wife and editor Harriet McDougal, and a deal was made with Sony to begin work on a Wheel of time adaptation with Judkins at the helm.

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After making a deal with Amazon to distribute the series exclusively through its Prime Video streaming service, filming officially began in 2019. With season one now slated for November, Amazon has revealed its first footage showing a slightly older quintet of main characters. than fans might have expected. When a keen-eyed fan took to Twitter to ask Judkins Why Barney Harris’ Matrim ‘Mat’ Cauthon sported a beard in the new photos, the showrunner replied, “We’ve aged Emond’s field five of the books because sometimes TV shows with a bunch of 17 year old teens as leads are more like YA and Wheel of Time is not YA”. Check out the original Tweets below:

While Jordan fans may be somewhat perplexed by the decision to age the series’ tracks from their appearances in the original. The Eye of the world book, this is certainly not the first time that a TV adaptation has altered the source material to meet the needs of the medium. In 2015, the Syfy Channel also aged Quentin Coldwater and the main characters of Magicians based on the fantasy novels of Lev Grossman, and just talk to fans of George RR Martin to learn more about the myriad of differences Game Of Thrones made to his Song of Ice and Fire books. While it’s nearly impossible for an adaptation to stay 100% true to the books, the question is whether these changes serve to help or hinder the final product.

With HBO currently plugged into the preparation of their own Game Of Thrones prequel series, and Netflix enjoying the huge success of both The witcher and Shadow and bones adaptations, fantasy fans will want to see how Amazon taps into the huge potential of The wheel of time. With the streamer already giving the go-ahead for a second season even before the show premieres, it indicates that they are confident the new show will deliver the goods. from amazon The wheel of time is slated to debut on Prime Video in November of this year.

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