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Why don’t Bollywood movies do well in the South?


Actor Salman Khan spoke about the success of southern films in the northern belt, but also wondered why Bollywood films were not performing so well in the south. He also hailed the role of Ram Charan, the recently released son of Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi.

Khan will be seen in a special role in Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film titled ‘Godfather’. As reported by Indian Express, speaking about the same at the IIFA Awards 2022 press conference held in Mumbai, Khan said, “It was a wonderful experience working with him. I have known Chiru Garu for a very long time. He was also a friend. His son (Ram Charan) is also a friend. He did a fantastic job in ‘RRR’. I just wished him his birthday and the success of his film. I am very proud of him. It’s so good that he’s doing so well. But I wonder why our films don’t do so well in the south. Their films do so well here.

He added that the reason why our films don’t do so well could be because of the notion of heroism in their films. “They (the South Indian film industry) have always believed in heroism, so have we. When you come out of the theatre, you need heroism. no heroic films. We should go back to making these larger than life heroic films. I’m just doing that. However, I feel like these days people have become cool and think that I have become a cliché.

He added: “Heroism always works, because there is a kind of connection, and that is very important for (cinephiles). We’ve had this format since the days of Salim-Javed, but now they (the South Indian filmmakers) are taking it to the next level. The number of fans there (South India) is huge, and now I’m also working with Chiru Garu. They have a different style of films, and it’s very nice. If you see the Dabangg series, Pawan Kalyan remade it in Telugu. Wanted too worked in the south. More films like this should be made. Now we are doing Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali. Such a time should come that they remake our films again. In the south, the writers work very hard. They make films on beautiful concepts. Even when they make small films, people go to see them. I think, here what happened is that people think that India stretches from Cuff Parade (in the south of Mumbai) to Andheri (suburb of Mumbai) only. However, I think Hindustan starts after Cuff Parade and Andheri. The current Hindustan is next to the railway tracks in Bandra East (suburb of Mumbai). My films are also for them. They come with a good message too. After watching a movie, people should have more blood pumping in them.

In fact, he also said he would love to do a Southern movie. “When they come to see me, they don’t come to see me for a Tamil or Telugu film. They come to me for Hindi,” he said.

Khan will next be seen in YRF’s ‘Tiger 3’.