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Why do “Sister Wives” fans hate Robyn Brown so much ?!


As Kody Brown’s fourth and final wife, Robyn is often portrayed as the villain in TLC Sister Wives. Is Robyn Brown really the “bad guy” she claims to be on the show? To do what Sister Wives seem to really hate her so much?

Is there a reason why Sister Wives do fans hate Robyn Brown?

Screen cry speculates hatred in the Sister Wives Robyn Brown’s fan base is nothing more than bad timing. She came to Kody Brown’s family at a very bad time. And it’s that bad timing that painted it in a bad light for those who watch from a distance.

The whole purpose of Sister Wives was for TLC views to understand polygamy on a deeper level. To understand how it was possible for a man like Kody Brown to have four wives. How did his four wives navigate sharing it? Well, the series answers a lot of questions about the dynamics of this type of family. But, the series also paints the portrait of a very unhappy family. A family that has almost completely disentangled itself following the pandemic.

As we have repeatedly reported, Kody Brown is said to have spent most of the pandemic at home with Robyn Brown. His other wives agree that it made sense because she had the youngest children at home and needed the help the most. But, fans couldn’t see past Kody Brown choosing his favorite woman to hide with.

Why is she still crying ?!

What really bothers Sister Wives Robyn Brown fans is the fact that she never seems happy. Fans of the TLC series joke that it’s hard to find episodes of the show where Robyn doesn’t cry at least once. This is why she is often referred to as Sobyn Robyn.

Fans find her constantly sad and frustrating because she’s the one who gets Kody’s attention the most. She is considered his favorite wife and he seems to spend most of his time with her. Whether that’s true or not, fans also believe Robyn Brown broke the family apart. Fans believe that when she joined the family, they ceased to function as a unit sharing a husband. It seemed like Robyn just wanted Kody for herself.

Robyn Brown is also extremely private

Janelle, Meri and Christine Brown are all very active on social media. They each post to Instagram almost daily. The same can’t be said for Robyn and Kody Brown. It’s still something else Sister Wives fans find it extremely frustrating.

Will Robyn Brown ever win the Sister Wives public? Probably not. But, that certainly won’t happen as long as she continues to monopolize Kody from his other women while crying at the drop of a hat.

What do you think of Robyn Brown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And stay with us for the latest news on the Brown family.

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