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Which Oscars won’t be shown on TV?


In an effort to entice people to watch the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that several awards will not be presented on air during the 2022 Academy Awards on Sunday, March 27, 2022. Eh well, they type of are. The Academy later clarified that it would film these eight categories and edit winners’ acceptance speeches on the show, per The Hollywood Reporter.

The actual awards will be handed out while the big stars are still doing the red carpet press, which is rude, but will at least the winners get a TV moment? All we’ll miss is the part where the winner walks up to the stage and pulls out a small, folded piece of paper with speaking notes reminding them to thank their high school English teacher. Still, for the winners, it will make a big difference.

THR noted that the Tony Awards have been doing this with some of the technical categories for years. To quote hamilton, it’s true! But when the Tony Awards do that, they make room for more singing and dancing. What are the Oscars going to do with that precious extra time, more edits??

Personally, I think they reversed their decision – but that’s just my tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. When Deadline reported this news for the first timethey noted that AMPAS launched this idea in 2019 and eventually reconsidered his decision because there was too much backlash. There were already whispers that some nominees may boycott the Oscars over the decisionby Varietyit’s reports. So it’s possible that they changed their minds and are now telling us that we “misinterpreted” the news.

Here are the categories that will be presented before the show, and not live:

  • Documentary (short subject)
  • Film editing
  • Make-up and hairstyle
  • Music (original score)
  • production design
  • Short film (Animation)
  • Short film (live action)
  • Sound – which as you may recall was made up of two categories, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, and was rolled into one category.

Why are they doing this?

So is this just an attempt to shorten the broadcast and get us all to bed on a school night? Nope! Don’t forget that AMPAS would also like to award a #OscarFanFavorite to a popular film of 2022 as well as a “Oscars joyful moment” from *check the ratings* any movie of each year.

So yeah… I don’t know what the Oscars are. These technical categories are a great way to see the faces behind movies you don’t normally see. They may even include the stars of tomorrow. For example, in 2004, nominees for Best Short Film (Live Action) included sought-after future directors Taika Waititi and Andrea Arnold. Let the winners enjoy their full fifteen minutes of fame!

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