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What to Watch in Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows Rankings on September 16


Ava Marie Capra, The circle


Netflix won’t tell us how many people watch its shows, but that throws us a bone with Netflix’s Top 10 TV Series list, counting the most-watched series on the service. Netflix’s Top 10 TV Series list for Thursday, September 16 sees the usual Thursday bump for The circle, which delivers new episodes midweek, pushing it all the way to # 3. Lucifer and Click bait stay at # 1 and # 2, respectively, and Turning point: September 11 and the war on terrorism is still very popular at n ° 4.

But among Netflix’s 10 best TV shows, which shows are really worth watching? We break down the entire list of Top 10 Netflix TV shows and walk you through what to binge and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix’s Top 10 Movies, as well as the overall Netflix Top 10 list. We also have a list of the 50 best shows and movies to watch on Netflix right now, as well as the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix.

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows of Thursday, September 16

1. Lucifer

For fans of: Supernatural cops, hellish puns, the spirit of Neil Gaiman | Is it good?: it’s a fun time

Even the devil doesn’t have endless lives. After being canceled by Fox, saved by Netflix for season 4, renewed by Netflix for a “fifth and final season”, then resurrected again for a surprise sixth and last season, LuciferThe afterlife charmed streaming is coming to an end. The last 10 episodes show that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is preparing to take his place as God, not that he and Chloe (Lauren German) seem to be in a great hurry to start the job. (Rank yesterday: 1)

2. Click bait

For fans of: Black mirror, feel bad | Is it good?: You will never believe the answer (not really)

Adrian Grenier stars in this curvy miniseries as a man held hostage by a mysterious villain. The kidnapper live-streams the captive Attic character, with accusations he is abusing women, leaving his family to wonder if they really know him. Meanwhile, her fate is directly tied to the number of views the feed gets. It sounds like a click-to-kill situation! (Rank yesterday: 2)

3. The circle

For fans of: People are stuck in one place with no way out, but in a fun way | Is it good?: It’s not as fun as in season 1

It seems a bit like The circle has just created his second season, but in any case, he’s already back for a third. Netflix’s competition series follows contestants confined to their own room in an apartment complex and only able to communicate with each other on social media. There are tons of cat fishing, tons of poorly kept secrets, and tons of cheesy hashtags. There aren’t too many new things happening here! (Rank yesterday: 9)

4. Turning point: September 11 and the war on terror

For fans of: Relive very recent history | Is it good?: It’s opportune, but it doesn’t say anything new

This docuserie looks back on the events before and after September 11, 2001, and the beginnings of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Personally, I can’t think of anything less than watching a 9/11 documentary, but I guess I’m in the minority. (Rank yesterday: 3)

5. Cocomelon

For fans of: Vegetable puree, teats | Is it good?: For babies, of course

Colorful objects, preschool songs and bighead babies make this catnip for toddlers and toddlers who hang out in front of a screen. (Rank yesterday: 4)

Here’s what’s worth watching in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies

6. Manifesto

For fans of: Cursed flights, twists and turns, Lost | Is it good?: it will keep you going

A flight allegedly missing for five years finally lands and its passengers re-integrate into society, only to discover that there is a much deeper mystery they are working to uncover. (Rank yesterday: 5)

7. shark dog

For fans of: Sharks AND dogs | Is it good?: children will love

A young boy whose parents won’t let him have a dog befriends an adorable shark-dog hybrid mutant with a huge appetite. Not to be confused with Catfish. (Rank yesterday: 6)

8. About

For fans of: Older women, female friendships | Is it good?: it’s not great

Somewhere in the timeline of female friendship between Girls and Grace & Frankie is sitting About, a comedy-drama by Julie Delpy about four women in their forties being four women in their forties. They take on romance, careers and family, and they do it together! Phew! It’s the right show for the sentimental person in your life, but anyone can grab a pass. (Rank yesterday: 7)

9. Money theft

For fans of: Action, find out who lives and who dies | Is it good?: Oh yeah

While you might not know it, Alex Pina’s drama is one of Netflix’s biggest shows, as the twists and turns of the Spanish bank robbery saga made it an international hit. The series is known for its character set, mysterious stories, and life and death situations. And with Pina’s talent for action and viewing pleasure, it’s very tasty. (Rank yesterday: 8)

Here’s What’s Worth Watching In Netflix’s Overall Top 10 (Movies & TV Shows)

ten. All American

For fans of: Sports, high school, the city of Los Angeles | Is it good?: It’s a solid teen drama that adults can enjoy too

In Season 3, the teenage sports drama, centered around an aspiring soccer star, enters its final year as the Beverly / Crenshaw rivalry becomes more personal than ever, and Spencer (Daniel Ezra) begins to face his own. personal trauma. (Rank yesterday: 9)

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Natasha Rothwell and Murray Bartlett, The white lotus

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