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Welcome to The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, where we cover movies, TV shows and Ryan Phillippe’s butt


Sometimes Katy Perry throws a slice of pizza in a crowded club, and you can’t stop thinking about it. A movie like Nope comes out, and that’s all you want to talk about for two weeks. Maybe you’ve seen Real Housewife Teresa Giudice’s wedding hair – a real gem – and you need to let off some steam. Or Che Diaz is unleashed in the world, and you need a safe space to work there.

With that in mind, I’d like to welcome you to The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, a new destination for pop culture fans to indulge in content on all the TV shows, movies, and savage celebrity behavior that, for for better or for worse, dominate our thoughts. (Certainly better.)

We will have reviews! We will have interviews! We’ll have a heated argument as to why Pete Davidson should join the reality series Boy’s Island! We take these questions seriously, in all their wacky glory.

The Daily Beast’s Obsessed started four years ago as a weekly newsletter that I started with Marlow Stern, entertainment editor/fearless leader/beast culture czar/mother I didn’t know. ever had and the sister everyone would want. This new site is the culmination of an incredible amount of work by all departments of The Daily Beast, one of the most important and, if I say so myself, funniest companies in the history of our publication. We’re thrilled to have her debut presented by Paramount+. (I choose to believe that Christine Baranski and RuPaul wrote the check themselves. Let me have this.)

The art we used for a story about our voracious appetite for Barbie set pictures.

Photo illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

It’s a place to find the content we’ve always excelled at producing at The Daily Beast – sharp insights with vibrant writing from some of the industry’s most entertaining critics and journalists – all under one umbrella, with more resources, more enthusiasm, and, as you can see, a beautiful design.

We’re launching new initiatives, including a new culture-themed crossword puzzle and the ‘Obsessive’ feature on the new homepage, a one-stop-shop to access all the stories we’ve produced on the main concern entertainment of the moment. . It could be a hit TV series, like stranger things, EuphoriaWhere And just like that… or a major news story, like a certain slap that took place at a high-profile awards ceremony. And, trust us, our team had a lot say about it.

It is a living and breathing project. We’re already expanding with a new newsletter, called “See/Skip”, written by Coleman Spilde, which you absolutely must subscribe to if you want a hilarious preview of what you should watch based on our reviewers’ recommendations. The Daily Beast’s Obsessed newsletter, the Gremlin we watered down to create this brand new company, will always be alive and well. (If you don’t get that reference, you just put me to shame.)

And, of course, you should definitely follow and subscribe to our newest social media handle, @beastobsessed, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Yes, they finally convinced this old man to download TikTok. How are you, kid friends?

We want to be in conversation with all of you, because if you’re anything like us, you know that the way we engage with pop culture is more global now than it ever has been.

There are 357 scripted series that have been created… in June. This is not hyperbole. It’s a real number, and excludes reality TV, docuseries and sports. Add to all that the movies debuting not just in theaters, but on all 137 streaming services (OK, that’s not a real number), and that’s a lot of great content, but also a lot of noise.

Want to know if a show or movie is good or bad, and we’re happy to provide that service. Think of us as your pop culture spirit guides. The View or Jump section on our new site is our way of guiding you through the chaos to the projects that are worth your time. We consider making sure you have fun our civic duty, which means we’ll not only make recommendations, but also deliver them with the sass and bravado you’ve come to expect from The Daily Beast.

And, like you, we’re also interested in what actors say, tweet or do on talk shows. We care about that fabulous coat they wore on this episode of their new show, we care whether they removed their American accent, and we care about the embarrassing TikTok they created to promote everything. We think you, in turn, will be interested in what reviews like ours say about this.

It’s fun to be a fan. When you come here, you will meet fans. Our writers, editors, photo team, social team and everyone who works there are entertainment fans, so everything you see on this site will come from this place.

Our concern with Lea Michele and Beanie Feldstein funny girl saga goes without saying.

Photo illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty

You’ll find out what we liked, and I hope you will too. You will be notified of what we could not bear. And you’ll be a captive audience to our rants, raves, and indulgent screeches on behalf of the most ridiculous things that have invaded our brains. (We could not not pay tribute to Al Pacino shrek– themed phone case, for example, or stand firm in our position that the new season of Bridgerton need more butts. We have a program and we are not afraid to wear it on our sleeve.)

It’s the dumbest beat in the world, and we plan to drive recklessly in the clown car. But it’s also one of the things in our lives that we should take most seriously, and we promise to do so too.

At any given time, some of us are lost, grieving, or distracted. We are joyful, hopeful or, perhaps, just plain excited. We have people in our lives that we miss, want to know better, and admire. There are people we don’t understand. There are people who make us feel seen. There are people who inspire us, enrage us, entertain us, mystify us and put our lives in perspective. There is Oprah.

When we recap our favorite performances of the year, it goes like this.

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast

Pop culture helps us process all of these things. Of course, it’s TV, it’s movies, it’s music, it’s Instagram, and it’s the paparazzi photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck that we’ll spend hours analyzing and gossiping about. But it’s also so human. It connects us, and it’s huge – especially now, what do we need if not community? More importantly, it moves us. These are the things that open our hearts and throw our worlds off course. We think about life, people, beliefs and what is right new ways.

Before I sat down to write this, I looked at several of my Obsessed newsletters. They are a remarkable journal of my life, through the meaningful and powerful prism of pop culture. My own highest peaks and most painful heartbreaks – and those of our society – of recent years are reflected through the projects, news and events that have helped us heal and, perhaps most importantly, to really feel it, so that we understood its impact and maybe who we really are.

There are things we saw and experienced that brought us such joy, the celebration that we desperately needed. There was music that imprinted itself on all kinds of memories – new track listings to the soundtrack of our lives. And there were ridiculous, silly, and just plain fun stories and moments to spout out. With this site, we will do all this together.

Come here for a lot opinions of the Oscar season.

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast

It’s equally important to me that we spotlight an underrated TV show or documentary that deserves your attention, and that we make sure you’re up to date with the world’s most pressing news, like that Ryan Phillippe posed with a painting of his nude scene in cruel intentions.

We want you to be excited to read our content. We want you to have watched every episode of a series or every frame of a new movie multiple times and then thought, “I want to see what Obsessed has to say about this.” We also want you to click through our stories and have no idea what we’re writing about, while being completely entertained – and maybe even a little educated – by what you read.

Come here to have fun. Come here for a deep dive. Come here for feel– be happy, laugh, be sad, and feel like you’ve found pop culture-thinking people like you. Come here to be obsessed.

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