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Val Kilmer reflects on filming the original Top Gun movie


Iceman actor Val Kilmer reflects on the set of the original Top Gun movie alongside Tom Cruise, saying there was a special bond between everyone.

Warning! Spoiler for Top Gun: Maverick.

Thirty-six years later and as Top Gun: Maverick plays in theaters, Val Kilmer reflects on filming the original Superior gun alongside Tom Cruise. After bursting onto the scene in the ’80s, Kilmer quickly became one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors. It was thanks to movies like Top secret! (1984), true genius (1985) and, of course, Superior gun (1986).

Tony Scott’s film follows young naval aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and his wingman Nick “Goose” Bradshaw as they get the chance to train at the US Navy’s Fighter Weapons School at Naval Air Station San Diego , California, aka TOPGUN. There they meet top student Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, who criticizes Maverick for his reckless behavior and disregard for protocol. The rivalry between the two is a big part of Top Gun, which culminates in them gaining a level of mutual respect for each other. It’s safe to say Superior gun wouldn’t be the pop culture phenomenon he is today if Kilmer had decided not to play Iceman’s supporting role.


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In a recent article by EOKilmer reflected on filming the original Superior gun. The actor was initially uninterested in playing Iceman, but Scott’s persistence eventually led to a meeting, and the director’s enthusiasm won over Kilmer. Read what he had to say about that experience below:

“We were all so young when filming the first movie, but even then there was a special bond between all of us. Even after filming, we were laughing and dancing the night away!”

what happened to iceman between top gun and top gun 2

around the exit of Superior gun, it was heavily rumored that the on-screen rivalry between Iceman and Maverick resulted in a feud between stars Kilmer and Cruise. It wasn’t, as Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were adamant about Kilmer’s return for Top Gun: Maverick– which sees Maverick tasked by Admiral Iceman with training a new group of TOPGUN graduates for a dangerous mission in enemy territory. Building on the respect forged between the two at the end of that first film, Iceman now trusts his friend’s methods and sees him as the only person capable of grooming Miles Teller’s Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (amongst others).

While Maverick’s relationship with Goose’s son, not to mention those aerial footage, is a highlight of Top Gun: Maverick, the emotional reunion between Cruise and Kilmer arguably steals the show. Acknowledging Kilmer’s real-life battle with throat cancer, the scene sees Iceman communicating via a computer screen before saying a few very meaningful words to his old nemesis and giving him what would be a goodbye hug. Kilmer opened up about that Maverick/Iceman reunion, saying he and Cruise laughed all day like nothing had changed. Superior gunThe popularity of has more than lasted as its sequel was a huge hit with fans and critics alike.

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