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Unexploited, Unsigned, and Frequently Unbalanced: A Deep Dive Into TikTok Television | Television


TikTok and TV go together like Ant and Dec before the drunk driving ban. Obviously, TikTok is good for reliving the highlights of the day and reality shows from the past. Remember that iconic “Dear-lord-what-a-sad-little-life-Jane” moment from Come Dine With Me? Or that time an indignant Curtis from Love Island preferred to make coffee over morning hugs? Or whatever Gemma Collins has ever said and done? All of these have been faithfully chopped, churned, lip-synced, and praised by accounts such as Greatbritishmemes, Qualitybritishtelly and Lover. This puts the forced advertising breaks on All 4 and ITV Hub.

This is only the beginning of this sweet symbiosis, however, as TikTok also gives a glimpse into the future of television. Outrageously talented Munya Chawawa eventually made it to Channel 4, as co-host of Complaints Welcome, but his viral music parodies have long threatened to come out of the (smaller) small screen and into the mainstream. And since TikTok allows great content to bypass traditional gatekeepers and connect directly with an audience, there’s a lot more where it’s coming from. The tastes of Bigmiko (if Shakespeare was a truck driver …), Abi Clarke (related queen of the mundane office cat) and Harry trevaldwyn (he has already been chosen for the British remake of Call My Agent) is shaping up to be the regulars of tomorrow’s panel.

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In fact, there is so much untapped, unsigned, and often imbalanced talent here that it can start to feel like a big audition room, full of performing school kids carting around for attention ( “I’m Brendan and I’m going to face everyone’s reaction to White Lotus…”). That’s when it’s time to move on to another corner of TikTok TV – and Gen Z first discovering classic Millennial / Gen X era shows still feels like a space. sure.

Buffy fan Ellie Addis nailed the aesthetic with her article “outfits I would wear to kill vampires in Sunnydale” and Tannai TV GuideThe serious appreciation of life lessons learned from random episodes of Grey’s Anatomy is a tonic. Many TikTokers also intend to retrospectively “cancel” Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris. The case against him is ongoing Funny or die for all to see.

But beware of the slippery slope to nostalgia. It starts off innocently enough, with a quick scroll through the Trombone friends feed – Chandler Bing was HOT back then, you know? Then, before you know it, you’re lost in a great piece of Succession Kendall chewing gum over some suggestive R&B tracks, or some, um, respectful, in slow motion appreciation of the cast of Peaky Blinders.

At this point, only an uptempo remix of your favorite theme can get you back into the room. Oxide and Neutrino have known about Casualty’s slapping since 2009, but how about a Vanilla Ic / Game of Thrones mashup from @tee_tow? This has an undeniable meaning when Daenerys declares herself “Mourrière / When I hear a dope melody”. Doctor Who: the British garage remix? (thanks, @fnp_music). Or, a little inevitably, Squid Game with a rhythm of exercise? (@DDark).

Yet all TikTok roads ultimately lead to GC. Stop fighting it: type in “Gemma Collins in Squid Game” and let it FYP algorithm really Learn to know you.

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