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TV shows to watch now MAFS is over


Are you totally unprepared after the MAFS final? Not sure what to watch next? This list will have you back in the drama in no time.

Now that Married at First Sight is finally over, do you find yourself in front of a black screen wondering what to do with your life next? Where else can we see the car slowly rolling down the hill without a break that was Mitch and Ella’s relationship? When will we ever have a villain we love to hate more than Olivia?

Fear not, because news.com.au has scoured the most dramatic shows, braved the most gushing romances and the vilest insults in reality TV to bring you our list of the eight best shows to fill that up. MAFShole the size of a hole in your heart.

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1. Love is blind

Netflix gave us this little gift just in time for the 2020 lockdown and it’s still going strong with the second season which wrapped up last month. It embraces that age-old belief that inner beauty triumphs over outer beauty in the most ridiculously fun way. Essentially, the show follows 30 men and women dating each other in specially designed pods that look like they could be in a squid game competition. They can talk to each other but can only see each other after they agree to get engaged. That’s when the real drama happens.

Where to watch: Netflix

How many seasons: Two

2. Love on the Spectrum

For something a little different and very heartwarming, this Australian production is a winner. It follows a group of autistic young adults navigating the stressful world of dating. Dating is difficult for almost everyone, but when you add some of the social challenges that come with autism into the mix, it makes for heartbreaking and engaging viewing. Yet the series tackles these issues with such warmth and empathy that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Where to watch: Netflix and ABC iview

How many seasons: Two

3. Euphoria

This addictive HBO series, starring Zendaya, has all the drama we’ve been craving since MAFS ended while tackling some of the biggest issues. It’s a show that deals with substance abuse, sexuality and sexual assault, drugs, self-harm and all the pitfalls that come with adolescence. The costumes are impressive, as is the makeup, which brings colorful eyeshadow back into our lives. The series follows Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, who returns from rehab and must navigate between school and drug addiction. Although the production is shot in style, it does not glorify Rue, never fearing the devastating impact of her choices.

Where to watch: Binge and Foxtel Go

How many seasons: Two

4. Are you the only one?

The concept behind it is simple: put a group of attractive young adults in a luxurious tropical paradise with a huge swimming pool so that everyone is in swimsuits 24/7. Give them endless amounts of booze and watch the sparks fly (or the crushing insults). But there is a catch. In the production’s backroom, a circus of psychologists interviewed exes, did a bit of profiling, and determined that each contestant had a kindred spirit. In each game episode, individual appointments and clues are given to help the happy vacationers find “the one”. If everyone in the season finds their soul mate by the finale, they share a $1 million prize. The later seasons of the series stand out for their sexually fluid cast. The likelihood of sex and drama increases when everyone is attracted to everyone.

Where to watch: Netflix

How many seasons: Eight

5. First dates Australia

We have all been here. You’re on a first date, your stomach is in your mouth so you’re drinking too much and saying all the wrong things. Total sinking. The beauty of First dates Australia is that you can watch this shipwreck from the comfort and safety of your living room. Basically, two strangers meet in a restaurant full of hidden cameras and sassy waiters. The result is a dramatic and gloriously awkward evening. Not to mention, it shows you who to avoid if you see them on dating apps. Schadenfreude at its best.

Where to watch: The final season ends on Channel 10 or you can watch on 10 play.

How many seasons: Five

6. Ru Paul’s Drag Race

And oldie but a goldie. A glorious mix of high fashion, catfights, drama, and some really good lip-sync battles. The premise is a knockout competition to determine who is the best drag queen. The queens must undergo a series of tests that include dancing, costume design, acting and sometimes acrobatics to see who wins. Drag Queen royalty Ru Paul happily welcomes all seasons with appearances ranging from Lady Gaga to Jeff Goldblum. It’s ironic, over the top and totally fabulous.

Where to watch: Stan

How many seasons: 14 of the original series. The spinoffs are also worth seeing. While every season is good, don’t feel like you have to start over from the beginning. If you’re new to Drag Race, Season 11 is a good place to start.

7. Below Deck Below

This one is part travel show, part cooking show, part Real Housewives of the Whitsunday Islands. The Australian spin-off of the American maritime reality show follows the crew of the superyacht Thalassa as they sail the tropical waters of northern Queensland with their ridiculously wealthy guests. It almost reminds you of Downton Abbey with its “up, down” vibe. The crew live in tiny living quarters below decks, while guests live the high life by upgrading from the Jacuzzi to their luxury guest suites. So far, we are only four episodes into the first season, so now is a good time to watch.

Where to watch: Prime Video

How many seasons: One

8. Bridgerton

Moving away from reality TV, this period drama ticks all the boxes. Bridgerton has all the colors, loveless marriages and petty MAFS infighting. It might as well be called The Real Housewives of 1800s London. The second season has just been released and it’s a lavish affair. The fashion is gorgeous, full of ornate ball gowns and excessive feathered headpieces that you might think was a Ru Paul show. For those who haven’t seen the first season yet, the plot revolves around the Bridgerton siblings, who must navigate the treacherous society of London in search of love. Bridgerton’s clever use of anachronisms and its racially diverse cast set it apart from other period dramas, even if at times it seems more Keeping Up With the Kardashians than Pride and Prejudice.

Where to watch: Netflix

How many seasons: Two

Finally, if this list isn’t enough to keep you busy, keep an eye out for new seasons of The farmer wants a wife and Big brother land later this year.