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TV Review: ‘Andor’ should be the new standard for Disney shows


“Andor” starring Diego Luna released its fourth episode today and keeps its slow burn and focus on the characters and the world.

Given the lackluster reviews from other influencers and media outlets, you might be put off watching “Andor” as it’s called “boring” and “not having enough encores or Easter eggs.” However, this is completely false. TV shows are meant to be slow, many of the big shows that are universally praised, such as “Better Call Saul”, “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are slow. Many previous Disney+ shows such as “Kenobi” and “The Mandalorian” build on the dopamine hits of nostalgia, in which showing something audiences might remember, like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, takes precedents as the writers “dangle” the audience instead of writing a decent story.

“Andor” is unique in that it remains a television show at its core and not a feature film like other Marvel or Star Wars shows have become. We get to know the unique characters and empathize with them when they succeed and fail. That brings us to episode four, the longest episode ever recorded at around 40 minutes. It’s about setting up the new characters for this show, especially the other protagonist Mon Mothra, a senator who secretly funds and leads the rebellion.

Surprisingly, there’s nothing terribly bad about this episode other than a few shaky CGI shots. For the most part, the episode was shot practically, using real sets instead of having the characters on a blue screen. This is important in scenes with Mon, as the background must be CGI as it is a city with floating cars. However, what is particularly impressive is the set design, they really went all out and stretched their budget as the sets are extremely detailed and sturdy.

This episode mainly revolves around Andor encountering a new cast of characters, a group of rebels who will soon attack an Imperial facility to steal their money which would go to officers’ paychecks. This episode aimed to invest the viewer in the five new characters that will make up the story’s new cast of main characters. Unfortunately, we don’t get much more from Sybil, the Corpo officer from the first three episodes. However, we see him return home and meet his mother after a long time. This episode was definitely a set-up for what was to come, and a lot of people will find it boring, however there is a need to understand and get to know this new cast of characters, which I really appreciate.

This type of show, one of a slow burn in which the characters are more focused, should be the new normal for Disney+ shows, because it’s day and night compared to all the other shows that have been released for the streaming platform. “Andor” continues to be a deep, character-driven story, which is deeply appreciated.

Rating: 4/5


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