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TV Q&A: What happened to the upcoming show with Susan Sarandon? | Television


Rich Heldenfels Tribune News Service

You have questions. I have a few answers.

Q: In January of this year, a show called “Monarch” with Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins was supposed to air on Fox. I’ve been looking for him ever since, but he never showed up. What happened?

To respond: Instead of airing the country music drama mid-season, Fox decided to hold off on it for fall 2022. The Hollywood Reporter cited a statement from Fox calling the series a “top priority for Fox Entertainment in 2022.”

“Unfortunately, due to the unavoidable realities of the pandemic and the profound impact that COVID-19 continues to have on our industry and the world, there is a need to reschedule…As a cornerstone of the new 2022 slate- 23 from Fox, moving a show of this magnitude allows us to produce its entire first season, create additional high profile content and promotional windows to support the launch, and give our viewers the best opportunity to enjoy the series as intended with an uncompromising run of episodes.”

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Q: Just before the pandemic hit, Tom Hanks made a movie called “Greyhound” about a convoy of ships during World War II. I would love to see it on TV and especially on DVD. This was not the case.

To respond: The movie premiered on the Apple TV+ streaming service and is still around. I haven’t seen a DVD release date yet.

Q: I’m often surprised that you come up with answers that seem unlikely. Mine is an absolute long shot because I remember very little of a TV show from the late 70s (I think) that took place at a high school called “We Mo We” High.

I have no idea of ​​the spelling or even what the show was about. A bunch of high school kids, I guess. I just know it was one of my favorite shows and We Mo We High pops into my mind from time to time.

To respond: It’s “Square Pegs”, a comedy created by the great Anne Beatts, which aired on CBS for a single season in 1982-83. Sarah Jessica Parker starred in the series as a member of a group of misfit students at Weemawee High School.

The show’s many charms included the waitresses’ theme song “Square Pegs” (also known for “I Know What Boys Like” and “Christmas Wrapping”).

Q: Could you please tell me the name of the handsome black man who was in “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and who played Miranda’s boyfriend in “Sex and the City”? I love her but I can’t find her name.

To respond: It’s Blair Underwood, an excellent veteran actor. You may have seen him in a host of other series as well, including ‘Agents of SHIELD’, ‘Quantico’, ‘When They See Us’ and ‘LA Law’ (where he’s also set to appear in a planned revival) .

Q: Many years ago I watched a movie on television about a woman who felt bewitched by wealth. When she gets married, her husband becomes rich, then dies afterwards. The pattern repeats. The film was shot in the 50s, 60s or maybe 70s. What is the name of the film and the actress who played the main role?

To respond: It was “What a Way To Go”, from 1964. Shirley MacLaine starred as the unlucky wife; the cast also included Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Dick Van Dyke, Gene Kelly and Dean Martin.

Q: Is John Cameron Mitchell related to Cameron Mitchell, who played Buck in “The High Chaparral”?

To respond: From what I can find, John Cameron Mitchell – seen recently on the “Joe vs. Carole” streaming series – is not related to Cameron Mitchell.

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