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Tom Hanks has a new movie streaming now, and you might not have realized it


Tom Hanks has a brand new movie streaming right now, and fans of the beloved actor may not even have realized it. The film is titled Bullfinch, and Hanks plays Finch Weinberg, a robotic engineer who is one of the only survivors of the massive cataclysmic solar flare that destroyed the ozone layer. This left Earth essentially uninhabitable due to unpredictable weather conditions and extreme heat.

We eventually learn that Finch is living with an undiagnosed disease, and for this reason, he begins working on an AI robot that can take care of Goodyear should anything happen to him. With his trusty dog, Goodyear, an assistant robot named Dewy, and the AI ​​passing by Jeff at his side, Finch sets out on a dangerous journey to search for as many survivors as possible. Along the way, the group encounters perilous circumstances that will test their endurance and courage. Bullfinch is broadcast on Apple TV +, which service subscribers can watch at any time.

Hanks spoke at length about the film at a press conference in November, and ComicBook.com was there to hear it all. “All of these movies haunt you and demand things of yourself that you’re not sure you can invoke,” Hanks said. The point is, the movie itself, the script as it’s written, lacked a cynicism that a lot of other movies like this would have, I think. Here’s what it doesn’t: murderous zombies, bloodthirsty bikers from hell, renegade warriors who will rape all women and eat all children. There are a lot of things that … Tropes, dare I say it, or dots common that many of these movies have, are different. Finch never goes into an underworld and fights the Eloi. ”

The Oscar winner went on to say, “The crux of this movie, and like I explained to people, and everyone is like,” What is the sci-fi movie that you do? What is it about ? The end of the world ? What, are you the last guy on the planet? Who wants to see this? I said, “Well, he’s actually a guy who’s worried about his dog’s survival. And so he’s building a robot to take care of the dog for the rest … “and they say,” Oh, well, that’s adorable. So it’s not an optimistic movie at all, but it lacks cynicism, and I think cynicism is a default option. kingdom piece to say that, and we pay attention to the fact that the company collapsed in the movie by means of a few flashbacks. But after that it just takes its toll, I think the reality is that the day is what we make of it. “

“And luckily, or honestly, over the course of this movie, Finch not only begins to survive, but to survive for the specific purpose of making sure his dog is safe, and that’s not a cynical endeavor,” he said. Hanks later declared confidently. “He doesn’t think, ‘Oh, I’ll be able to do this right, because we all love each other. “There’s not that mark of optimism in all of that. It’s going to be hard work and it’s going to be hard work, but if you’ve lived a life you realize, ‘Well, with a little luck and a little effort, not being too disappointed when life kicks me in the teeth, you should be fine, we’ll be fine. ‘”