Home Movie This horror movie could be the most controversial of 2022

This horror movie could be the most controversial of 2022


Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found a winner to bestow the honor of most disturbing horror movie of the year on. This distinction comes down to dash cam. A film that scares the viewer with so-called found footage – and is so crazy that an audience member fell ill during the film’s premiere.

The central premise of the film, which director Rob Savage shot on an iPhone, is that a musician played by Annie Hardy is feeling burnt out in pandemic-era Los Angeles. Fleeing quarantine, she decamps to London to hook up with a bandmate, played by Amar Chadha-Patel. So far, so good. The film – which premiered in the UK at the London Film Festival in October – veers into “holy shit” territory pretty early on, however. Specifically, when Annie starts live-streaming her surroundings.

dash cam movie 2022

dash cam was a RIDE,” writer, director and producer Nia Childs tweeted. “I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun — the audience is getting there. Screaming, laughing, at some point I thought someone was almost sick? »

The film will be released in US theaters this summer. “I’m, to use the language of our film, SO M*THERF*CKING EXCITED to be working with Momentum Pictures and Blumhouse on the release of DASHCAM,” Savage said, according to our sister publication. Deadline. “I can’t wait for the public to see the madness we’ve cooked up.”

Ian Goggins, Momentum Pictures Executive Vice President for Global Home Entertainment, added: “We are delighted to share this exciting new project with North American and UK audiences. Rob is an incredible filmmaker, and we are thrilled to partner with him and the entire team at Blumhouse on this film which has already received positive reactions and buzz from festival audiences.

“Filled with gore and loathing”

Rotten Tomatoes Ranks No. 1 Horror Movie Releases Of 2022 When It Comes To A24 X, in which a group of actors attempt to secretly shoot a porno in Texas. But an elderly couple catches them in the act and puts the actors in a fight for their lives.

By all indications, however, dash cam going to have everyone talking here when it comes out. For the best or for the worst.

“Dashcam is undeniably a wild ride filled with gore and loathing, but the unsatisfactory ending detracts from the film’s overall reception, and the title character essentially playing herself is neither funny nor entertaining,” reads a review from 1, 5/5 on Rotten Tomatoes from Daily deaths. Overall, on the review aggregation site, the film’s critic score currently stands at 53%. It’s based on 49 reviews.

Blumhouse Productions, the company behind Dashcam, has produced over 150 movies and TV series. Notably, these brought in theatrical revenue of over $4.8 billion.

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