Home Films Their family movie nights can get a little bloody

Their family movie nights can get a little bloody


ROSCOE, NY – Sitting on a red velvet sofa in her living room, 17-year-old Zelda Adams has opened her mouth to describe the plot of her family’s upcoming film. Before she could begin, a bloodied, chewed-to-the-scab severed arm emerged from behind a wall threateningly, then waved at her happily.

“It’s a period piece,” she said without wasting time. “Located during the Great Depression.”

His father, John Adams, 55, jumped up and laid the limb, with a severed gnarled hand, next to a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. The Appendages looked ready to fight over treats, but aside from the bloody props, the family’s rustic hillside home, filled with colorful landscape paintings and portraits, was quite comfortable.

The family of four – Zelda’s sister Lulu, 23, and their mother, Toby Poser, 52, are the other members – is Wonderland Productions, a production company based out of their home in the western town of Catskills in Roscoe, NY

They write, produce, shoot, edit, design costumes and act in all of their films, turning from behind the camera to the front. They’ve made six little independent films, and their last two, “The more you digAnd “Hellbender” took a brutal turn in horror. Creatively and professionally, they seem to have found their niche.

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