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The Beloved Crime Series is now streaming in its entirety



In the age of streaming, getting the exclusive rights to a popular, long-running TV series is a really big deal for any streaming service. This is why HBO Max has shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars to secure Friends and The Big Bang Theory, or why NBCUniversal chose not to renew a rich Netflix deal to bring Office to Peacock, his internal department. The originals are huge, but the previous hits that subscribers can binge on are sometimes the backbone of streaming services. Hulu added another such popular show to its lineup on Wednesday, one that had not been shown anywhere in its entirety before.

Early Wednesday morning, Hulu added all eight seasons of Chateau to its range. The detective series, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, was a major success for ABC during its airing, and fans can’t wait to binge on it again. The option to watch the entire show online wasn’t previously available unless you purchased the episodes, but that changed when Hulu added it to the roster.

Chateau Lasted a total of 173 episodes, starting in 2009 and airing through 2016. The series follows a best-selling novelist who begins working alongside the NYPD after a serial killer began imitating the murders in his books. Fillion plays writer Richard “Rick” Castle, while Katic plays his NYPD partner, Kate Beckett. While Kate hates the idea of ​​working with Castle at the start of the series, the two eventually develop feelings for each other and their romance evolves over the eight seasons.

It makes sense for Chateau to end up streaming on Hulu, since the streaming service is owned by the same company as the show’s original network. Chateau aired all 173 episodes on ABC, which is owned by Disney. While FOX held a controlling stake in Hulu, that power passed to Disney when the company bought 21st Century Fox a few years ago. Hulu is giving Disney a spot for all of its movies and TV shows that don’t necessarily fit the Disney + service, while maintaining its long-standing position as the go-to home for all TVs.

Chateau hasn’t aired for five years now, but this film finally makes it available to be watched for fans around the world. Are you going to check it out on Hulu? Let us know in the comments!