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The 10 most watched Netflix TV shows of 2021 won’t shock anyone


As 2021 draws to a close, many agree that we can look back and enjoy a year full of great TV. Well, we definitely have to thank Netflix for a lot.

So what were the most watched TV shows on Netflix in 2021? Here we remember everyone’s favorite series on the popular streaming service.

We can guarantee that the series which takes the first place will surprise absolutely no one.

Squid game | Official trailer | Netflix



Squid game | Official trailer | Netflix






Netflix got us hooked this year

As the world started to open up again in 2021, we were finally able to visit the theater or watch the latest movies at the cinema.

But when a night out felt most appropriate to us, we always had reliable Netflix TV shows to rely on.

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Tech Jury reports that Netflix had nearly 208 million paying subscribers in the first quarter of 2021 (January 1 to March 31), a total of 207.64 million to be exact.

What were the 5 most watched TV series in 2021?

While Netflix has yet to release official statistics, The Independent has put together previously announced numbers to reveal the most-watched shows of the year so far.

Without surprise, Squid game takes the crown at number one with 142 million household views and overtakes the 2020 Bridgerton series in September, becoming the streamer’s most-watched title.

The Korean drama recorded 1.65 billion viewing hours in just 28 days after the September 17 premiere, according to Netflix.

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then, we have Lupine first part, the French mystery series which has accumulated 76 million views.

If you are wondering where Lupine the second part ranks on this list, you will have to read until the end. Yes, the very end.

Season five of the trending Spanish drama Money theft takes third place, with 69 million views in total.

At number four, the popular drama series Maid has 67 million views to date.

Gender / Life has 67 million views, ranking in fifth place.

Countdown to the top 10

With 60 million views, Sweet tooth comes in sixth. The unusual series follows a boy who is half human, half deer.

Destiny: The Winx Saga totaled 57 million views in seventh place.

Get the attention of every teenager (and adult) this year, Sex education season three has gained 55 million views and ranks eighth on this list.

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Shadow and bone next comes ninth with 55 million viewers worldwide.

Finally, at number 10, Lupine the second part managed to reach 54 million views.

It seemed that most people seemed to enjoy the first part a lot more. Or, maybe no one had time to watch?

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