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The 10 Best Shows That Lasted More Than 8 Seasons, According To Reddit


the flash just became one of the longest-running shows on TV, as CW renewed the superhero show for a ninth season. It’s a huge feat, but it’s not the first to do so. Many series have reached eight seasons, and Redditors discussed their favorite long-running shows.

Most shows that last eight or more seasons tend to be procedural crime series, animated series, and sitcoms, and most Redditors gravitate towards comedies. Between beloved 90s sitcoms, self-deprecating 2000s comedies, and the pursuit of a sci-fi action flick, these series have mostly remained consistent throughout their run.


ten Philadelphia is always sunny

Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Locustpiss thinks Philadelphia is always sunny is the best show over eight seasons. The series is almost like a twisted version of Cheers, as he follows the owners of a bar, but they are all sociopathic freaks. The show is hilarious, and the Redditor isn’t wrong, because always sunny is one of the best television shows of all time. It’s been 15 seasons and it’s still as funny as it was when it first aired.

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The Redditor sums it up best by explaining, “It’s still hilarious. Last season was one of the funniest.” The last season of always sunny saw the gang head overseas for the first time, and several episodes were set in Ireland. The writers room is always brimming with fresh ideas, which is a relief considering the show has been renewed for three more seasons.

9 Surroundings

Martin Scorsese talks on the phone outside in Entourage

Surroundings is a great on-the-fly show when it comes to casting deals and director negotiations in Hollywood, and much of it is accurate and based on past events. However, the other half of the show, the big party with celebrities, is massively glamorous, but that makes for great escape television. Not only Surroundings last for eight seasons, but it also got a theatrically released movie.

Darulerkilla postulates, “I have looked excessively Surroundings for 4 days. It’s so easy to spend all day looking at it. Great show.” Between all of the director’s cameos in Surroundings and the boujie life of the actors who cross paths in Beverly Hills, the series is so digestible.

8 red dwarf

A-Famous-Werespaniel points to the underrated criminal red dwarf as the best show across eight seasons because it ran for an impressive 12 seasons and even had a legacy movie in 2020. family, so cozy and welcoming and weird and hilarious.”

Few people will have heard of red dwarf outside of the UK, but the sci-fi parody show would appeal to fans of rick and morty. The humor is so self-deprecating, it pokes fun at other sci-fi properties, and the characters are so creative. The show is almost like Philadelphia is always sunny in space, and he deserves far more recognition than he gets.

seven Tyrant

At 13 seasons deep, Calm_Memories thinks Tyrant is the best show in a long time. Tyrant is a panel show, but it’s a panel show like no other. Where most panel shows film countless episodes in a row and put little effort into aesthetics, Tyrant is quite the opposite. The bright UV lights of normal panel shows are swapped for dim lighting and mahogany carpets, and the boring question-and-answer formula is ditched for creative physical challenges.

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Half of the show takes place in front of a live studio audience, and the other half is pre-recorded in the Taskmaster house. Each season consists of 10 episodes where a group of comedians must complete strange and difficult tasks in the Taskmaster house, leading to hilarious results. Whether it’s simply trying to throw a potato into a golf cup from afar or trying to escape from a church blindfolded, the sight always remains fresh and eerie.

6 Calm your enthusiasm

Jeff Garlin and Larry David laugh in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Calm your enthusiasm follows Larry David, the true creator of Seinfeld, playing an exaggerated version of himself. MartymicFly thinks it’s the best long-running show, as it wrapped up its 11th season earlier this year. Each season has its own arc, whether it’s Larry opening a restaurant or forming a Seinfeld reunion, and it’s hilarious to watch the grumpy old man deal with Hollywood as it perpetually changes.

With so many seasons, it is one of the longest running shows of all time, as it started in 2000. It is also a testament to the quality of the show, as fans can wait between one and five years for another season. David works at his own pace and only comes back to the show when he’s ready and has a really great idea. And the show has also been renewed for a 12th season.

5 The middle

Frankie and Mike Heck sitting on the couch in The Middle

The middle would exist if it weren’t for Malcolm in the middle, because the sitcom is so inspired by the 1990s hit that it’s almost a remake. Both shows have the deadbeat dad, the bullying older siblings, and the two main characters narrate the shows. However, no matter if viewers think Malcolm is better, The middle managed to last two full seasons longer.

PumpkinSpice210 ​​thinks it’s the best of the eight-plus-season series, noting, “It’s one of the funniest and best-written comedies on television in the last 9 seasons.” In all honesty, a lot of Redditors think The middle is underestimated.

4 king of the hill

Hank in King of the Hill

Once an anime series becomes a hit, there is no stopping it and it will go on seemingly forever. South Park is in its 25th season, family guy is in its 20th season, and The simpsons is surprisingly on its 33rd season. But Bottleboy8 thinks king of the hill is the best of the bunch, which ironically is by far the shortest of them all, but he still lasted an impressive 13 seasons.

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king of the hill is very different from other animated comedies, and although it follows the typical setting of a middle-class family, the humor is dry and understated. Some episodes aren’t even funny at all and are actually quite dramatic.

3 Stargate SG-1

Lieutenant Carter of Stargate SG-1.

Stargate SG-1 is a perfect example of a television adaptation of a film becoming far more popular than the source material. The 1994 sci-fi disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich was poorly received when it was first released, and it hasn’t exactly become a cult classic. But the TV show, on the other hand, lasted 10 entire seasons.

Spartakbestov notes, “Stargate SG-1 was awesome from start to finish. The story worked much better in an episodic format, as each episode saw the SG-1 crew visit a different planet. The show was so popular it even spawned several spinoffs, too, in Atlantis Stargate and Stargate Universe.

2 Friends

Chandler watches Monica in Friends

Once Friends was at the height of its popularity after five seasons, each season was supposed to be the last, but it continued to 10 seasons and ended in the best possible way. Where long-running sitcoms run out and end disappointingly, Friends had one of the most satisfying endings for a TV show.

Gemini8200 are almost afraid to admit they think that Friends is the best show, noting, “I still get a few eye rolls, but it’s really hilarious, easy to watch, and well-written.” The sitcom is full of storylines that no other show could have done and is endlessly re-watchable. And given that reruns are repeated on TV and streaming platforms are having bidding wars for the show’s syndication rights, it doesn’t look like the show’s popularity is slowing down.

1 Office

John Krasinski and Steve Carell in The Office

American remakes of British comedies rarely run and are often canceled after one season. Whether it be The computer crowd Where Intermediateremakes always fail to capture British humor, but the American remake of Office nailed it. The series lasted for nine seasons, but some fans think that the series should have ended sooner because there are a lot of reviews from the last two seasons.

However, OneGalacticBoy maintains that the writers “got it all together in time for the series finale.” Office was perfectly wrapped, and as weird as it gets by including the documentarians in the narrative, each character wrapped their bow perfectly with a bow on top.

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