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The 10 Best Movie Weddings, Ranked


Cinema’s greatest love stories are often accompanied by awe-inspiring wedding ceremonies. Ravishing dresses, towering colorful cakes, and tearful onlookers are usually part of the offering, but that’s not always the case. Some of the film’s most iconic weddings are small affairs, using a toned down celebration to amp up the intimacy of the moment.

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Thanks to the fact that the audience is so deeply invested in the love stories of the protagonists, wedding scenes can stir up a lot of emotion in fans and provide heartwarming moments. Iconic and unparalleled when it comes to couples getting married, cinema has featured some truly wholesome marriages.

ten Coming to America Presents a Grand Celebration of Love

come to america wedding eddie murphy

In a career filled with blockbuster hits and iconic characters, Coming to America remains one of Eddie Murphy’s greatest cinematic achievements as he plays 4 distinct roles. While Coming to America is filled with hilarious and heartwarming scenes, her wedding sequence is an easy highlight.

During the scene, Murphy’s joy seems genuine and Coming to America would not be one of his films without comedy. Before the ceremony even has a chance to get into full swing, Lisa and Akeem can’t help but touch each other. Few fans expected such a touching romantic scene in what would otherwise be considered a straight-up comedy.

9 Bend It Like Beckham is the best of British multicultural society

Bend it like Beckham's wedding scene

Gurinder Chadha’s sports romantic comedy has a lot to say about being bold and standing out from the crowd. Bend it like Beckham the message is one of unity despite differences. As a movie, play it like Beckham displays the best of British multiculturalism.

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One scene that perfectly captures all of this is the famous wedding. For those familiar with the British Indian customs and culture on display, Bend it like Beckham wedding scene is refreshingly precise.

8 40-year-old virgin sees Steve Carell’s Andy finally find love

40 year old virgin wedding steve carell

The film that rocketed Steve Carell to stardom may be best known for its most outrageous scenes, but The 40 year old virgin still manages to put a ton of heart into its story. That’s largely thanks to Carell’s undeniable likability and chemistry with co-star Catherine Keener.

Watching Carell’s Andy finally find happiness is a joy to watch, and the dance scene that follows is perhaps the highlight of Judd Apatow’s classic comedy.

7 Scarface’s wedding is an iconic piece in one of cinema’s greatest montages

wedding scarface al pacino

Tony Montana’s wedding is certainly set in a montage, but that doesn’t make the ceremony any less incredible. by Scarface marriage isn’t about romance, and it’s hard to ignore the feeling that Tony’s new wife is committing to a life of misery.

However, with Engemann push to the limit play while Al Pacino’s Montana gets married, by Scarface the ceremony is irresistible. The sequence also adds more drama to Manny’s affair with Tony’s sister, and a tiger closes the scene.

6 A Star Is Born is a touching but ultimately tragic couple of two stars

A_Star_Is_Born wedding bradley cooper lady gaga

The beauty of the wedding scene in 2018 A star is born is in its simplicity. Glitz and glamor are unnecessary when it comes time for music legend Jackson Maine and rising singing sensation Ally to say their vows.

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In place, A star is born hits hard emotionally due to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s outstanding chemistry and performances as the film’s tragic couple. Meet again A star is born and seeing the couple wed a second time is enough to break any movie fan’s heart.

5 My best friend’s wedding is all about friendship and romance

my best friends wedding ends julia roberts on the phone

In the late 1990s, Julia Roberts was at the peak of her game as one of the queens of the romantic comedy genre. With his compatriot Cameron Diaz, the A pretty woman The star added another fan favorite to her filmography in 1997 with The wedding of my best friend.

The wedding of my best friend follows Jules de Roberts and his attempts to win the love of his best friend after he decides to marry someone else. While The wedding of my best friend may not have the ending that many would have predicted, there’s no denying the status and significance of the final wedding scene in cinema.

4 My Fat Greek Wedding Has Big Bash Fans Expecting It


As is the case with The wedding of my best friend, fans would expect a movie with the word “wedding” in its title to have a sensational ceremony. The joys of marriage don’t get much bigger than with Joel Zwick My Fat Greek Wedding. 2002 My Fat Greek Wedding became the highest-grossing rom-com of all time upon release.

The speeches make the scene completely unforgettable. Hilarious and heartwarming, anyone with a loud, bossy, loving family will find plenty to love My Fat Greek Wedding titular sequence.

3 Crazy Rich Asians presents one of the most gorgeous weddings ever filmed

crazy rich asian wedding

Among the extravagance and splendor of the wealthy Young family, Crazy Rich Asians wedding ceremony is a surprisingly intimate affair. As with most things in Young life, there is an air of pretentiousness. However, everything about the wedding, from the lazy river that runs down the aisle to the interpretation of I can’t help falling in love, just works.

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Crazy Rich Asians the protagonists aren’t the two getting married, but this scene never fails to give fans goosebumps. A splendid love story worthy of its glamorous location, Crazy Rich Asians wedding scene does not disappoint.

2 The Godfather wedding scene is a truly legendary sequence

marriage scene godfather family corleone marlon brando

There is perhaps no more iconic wedding scene than the pairing of Connie and Carlo in Francis Ford Coppola The Godfather. Although romance takes a back seat in this scene, there’s no denying its effectiveness in setting up one of the greatest stories ever told on screen.

Coppola introduces several characters as the family celebrates the joys of marriage. Offers that can’t be refused, upbeat music, and some of cinema’s most legendary stars make this scene one to remember for Mafia moviegoers.

1 The Sound Of Music’s wedding is the culmination of one of cinema’s greatest love stories

the sound of music wedding julie andrews

Fans would expect one of cinema’s greatest love stories to have a wonderful wedding scene. The sound of music certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting Julie Andrew’s Maria and Christopher Plummer’s Captain von Trapp.

The sounds and sights of Salzburg’s beautiful countryside are on full display here, as is the impressive setting of the church. However, what makes the scene so unforgettable is the bloated sound of nuns chanting Married. Wedding scenes just don’t get much more magical.

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