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Spotlight on Movies, TV Shows


ST. LOUIS – The next time you sit down to stream a movie or watch a TV show, you might want to consider some choices with St. Louis ties.

While St. Louis may not be the most common choice for big-budget movies or TV shows, teams have produced some notable work in or based on the Gateway City. In 2022, dozens of accredited movies and TV shows were filmed or narrated in St. Louis.

FOX 2’s digital team recently asked their Facebook viewers, “What’s your favorite scene from St. Louis on TV or in the movies?” The topic was inspired by a similar discussion about St. Louis Reddit user trends earlier this week.

Fans chimed in with classics and more unique St. Louis-related moments on the big screen…


“Meet Me’s Forest Park in St. Louis,” says Kathy.

“The opening scene of Meet Me in St. Louis showing the front of the house and the yard,” Nancy explains.

“The bridge in Escape From New York,” Bill explains.

“The totality [Escape from New York] film was shot here. It’s cool to see Union Station,” Tara says.

“Escape to New York…the Chain of Rocks Bridge,” says John.

“Union Station, Brain’s stronghold and battle scene,” Brian explains in “Escape From New York.”

“The National Lampoon vacation crosses the Poplar Street Bridge,” says Elaine.

“National Lampoons Vacation – ‘Roll em up!'” Andrea says.

“Holidays when the Griswolds have their tires stolen,” says Marilyn.

“Planes, trains and automobiles. At Lambert airport, renting a car is a mess,” says Stéphanie.

“Lambert’s airport scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles where Steve Martin was walking the runway and racing down the hills,” Ellen explains.

“In the air with George Clooney. The high school he broke into was my old school,” says Nick.

“My daughter and her boyfriend at the time were extras in the wedding and reception scenes [for ‘Up In The Air’]“, explains Barbe.

“The Mansion House apartment where George Clooney lives in the movie Up In The Air. My husband painted it!” Jeri said.

“White Palace… Susan Sarandon and James Spader,” Roy said.

“White Palace. Lots of great photos all over St. Louis,” says Teresa.

“My tree in Kirkwood in the opening scene of The Starling,” says Jim.

“The Fever Pitch movie finale was shot inside Busch Stadium during the 2004 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Cardinals,” Gayle explains.

“Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in ‘Identify Thief,'” says Patricia.

“Things are tough wherever Cheech & Chong cross the MacArthur Bridge long after it’s closed to vehicular traffic,” says Todd.

“The Great St Louis Bank Robbery,” says Ron.

“Atomic Homefront mentioned several spots,” says Shawn.

“The beginning of parenthood,” explains Gary.

“The Christmas Chronicles where Santa Claus flies through the Ark,” says Jess.

“American flyers. In addition to the opening scene showing the bow and landing, there are scenes filmed in the city and county of St Charles,” says Robin.

“Bad Grandpa. That’s the most accurate,” Josh says.

“The match of their life… the football field [Marquette Park]“, explains Matt.

“Larger than life with Bill Murray. Part was shot in Granite City and part was shot in North St. Louis,” Stephen explains.


“I’m currently watching Superstore…and haven’t caught any visuals yet…but the name mentions [Fenton, Bel-Ridge, Chesterfield] always makes me smile,” says Jamie.

“An episode of Seinfeld Elaine and Jerry fly out of Lambert with a photo from the airport. The baggage handler sends Elaine’s suitcase to Honolulu,” Bonnie explains.

“There’s an SNL skit that uses a fixed shot of [the ‘Up In The Air’] film to set the scene, with the Ashton sign”, explains Caroline.

“Ozark shot a few scenes in STL, he was based in Missouri,” Tyra explains.

“The Catfish Episode,” Tanya says in an MTV series that featured the story of an Alton man.

“St. Louis Arch in Sharknado,” says Cindy.

“Challenge,” Kimmy says.

“In the television show The Last Ship. At the end of the second season, in the midst of reconstruction after the apocalypse/pandemic, St. Louis becomes Washington DC The national capital of the United States. The iconic shots of the ark and of the old courthouse and the sewing of the new president”, explains Steven.

“Modern Family is filming an episode at the West County Center,” Nick explains.

“The best scene isn’t in a movie or on TV. It’s driving down St. Louis and knowing you’re almost there when you see the Ark,” Shawn and Angel explain.