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Six Michael Sheen movies and series you can stream right now


We could all associate it with Amazon Prime good omens now, but Welsh actor Michael Christopher Sheen made his stage debut, landing his first stage role even before he graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. After being nominated for four Olivier Awards, he made a smooth transition to film in the 2000s, starring in a trio of films where he played former British Prime Minister Tony Blair: The agreement, The Queenand special relationship.

He was nominated for several awards for these roles, but rose to prominence when he appeared in two fantasy franchises, underworld and The Twilight Saga. From there, his star continued to rise.

Of good omens to good causes – Sheen is a rare breed in the celebrity world. Last year he described himself as a ‘non-profit actor’, a personal wish he made after selling his own homes to fund the 2019 Homeless World Cup. committed to continuing to use the money he earns from acting to fund more charitable projects.

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Since the mid-2000s, Sheen has also done a lot of television work, appearing in several popular series – one of the best known of which is his memorable turn as the angel Aziraphale in good omens, the Amazon Prime adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name. Season 2 should delight us later this year. Thankfully, Sheen’s impressive career has spawned plenty of content to help fill the void until it airs, including several projects available on streaming services around the world.

Here are six shows you can stream right now to get your fix of Michael Sheen.

prodigal son –HBO Max

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If you watch Sheen play an angel in good omens impressed you but would like to see more of its range, there can’t be a better recommendation than prodigal son. The series centers on FBI profiler Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), the son of infamous serial killer Martin Whitly – played by Sheen. The pair haven’t seen each other since Malcolm was responsible for his father’s arrest ten years ago, but early in the series Malcolm is forced to confront the past in order to use Whitly’s insights when a copycat serial killer emerges.

You can broadcast prodigal son now HBO Max.

Staging – Amazon Prime


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One of the best parts of good omens watches Sheen interact with co-star David Tennant. If you liked that they both shared the screen, you just have to watch Staging. The comedy-drama stars Sheen and Tennant as two actors whose West End play was put on hold due to COVID-19, but whose director persuaded them to continue rehearsing online. The show is mostly filmed using video conferencing technology, and Sheen and Tennant play fictionalized versions of themselves alongside their real-life loved ones. Staging is unique in its format and premise, and never fails to be funny – critics loved it, and you probably will too!

You can broadcast Staging now First video.

masters of sex – Amazon

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Sheen stars as Dr. William Masters in masters of sex, a pioneer in the science of human sexuality. Set in the 1950s through the late 1960s, the critically acclaimed show also stars Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson, Sheen’s co-researcher. Masters is a brilliant scientist, but also kind of a jerk who is totally out of touch with his own feelings. Sheen portrays it incredibly well, with a level of nuance that does justice to this series’ great writing. There are four full seasons of this one to binge on, so dig in and enjoy!

You can stream masters of sex now First video.

The good fight – Paramount+


Legal drama The good fight is a standalone spin-off from The good wife, produced by CBS. It’s already had five seasons with a sixth on the way, so there’s plenty of content here! Sheen has a recurring role in Season 3, as Roland Blum, an attorney working on a murder trial. Glow described it as “evil”, saying “he wants to eat and disturb and fuck, and sting people”. Definitely a different flavor of Angelic Aziraphale, but very fun to watch!

You can broadcast The good fight now Paramount+.

underworld –HBO Max

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If you don’t have time to dive into multiple series but want to get a dose of Sheen, there’s no better way than to revisit one of his movie franchises. In underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Sheen plays Lucian, a half-human, half-werewolf slave and defender of the empire. Fast and bloody, the underworld the films are the kind of pulpy, punk cinema that critics love to spin but audiences often gobble up.

You can broadcast underworld and Underworld Rise of the Lycans now HBO Max.

Dusk – Peacock

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Arguably one of Sheen’s most famous film roles was as the vampire Aro in The Twilight Saga. Convinced to play the part by his daughter Lily, Sheen is a joy to watch as the eccentric and creepy Volturi. Whether you’re a fan of Edward and Bella or not, Aro is well worth a watch – his maniacal laugh in The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 notably. His hysterical and somewhat diabolical joy at finding something to break through the boredom of centuries is forever seared into cultural consciousness, and it became something of a meme when the film aired.

You can look Dusk now Peacock.

Upcoming projects

Upcoming projects for Sheen include heart of darkness and Best interestsboth expected in 2023, and of course the second season of good omens. Although there is no confirmed release date for the season yet, keep an eye on Nerds and Beyond for the latest updates!