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Rob Zombie shares new look at Mockingbird Lane house from Munsters movie


Filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie shares a new take on 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the home of the Munsters, from his upcoming reboot of the iconic sitcom.

Rob Zombie keeps teasing his reboot of The Munsters with a fresh take on 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the home of iconic comedy monsters. While still thinking about the creepiest side of the sitcom genre, Zombie’s point of view The Munsters will see the filmmaker-turned-rockstar move from a production story almost exclusively of horror films to a more family-friendly broadcast. Despite that departure, his respected directorial career is impossible to underestimate, thanks to Zombie’s work on horror classics such as The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 corpses and the a little less well received 2007 remake of Halloween.


A deep satire of suburban America and horror movie tropes, The Munsters is considered one of the classics of the 60s sitcom era, centered around the life of a family of harmless monsters as they try to make do with everyday life. Thanks to its success, the series spawned several spinoff films and a follow-up series some 20 years later called The Munsters today. Now 30 years later, Zombies The modern reboot will feature the director’s actual wife Sheri Moon Zombie as the family matriarch, Lily, Jeff Daniel Phillips as head of the Munster household, Herman, and Zombie frequent collaborator Daniel Roebook, in as grandfather Munster. While the plot of Zombie’s vision is still under wraps, the filmmaker has regularly teased the film over the past few months, including a recent look at The Munsters main actors in surprisingly authentic outfits.

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Now the latest Zombie tease offers another look at The Munsters house, 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The photo, shared on Zombie’s Instagram, shows the house in all its glory, with the image reinforcing that Zombie has created a house that is incredibly similar to the one seen in the original series and subsequent sequels. Despite its similarities to its source, the house is also showing just how advanced the set design is, as Zombie’s version of 1313 is even more incredibly detailed than ever. Check out the post below:

Despite its popularity, the Zombie film will be the closest to a Munsters reboot has been released since Bryan Fuller’s failed pilot for a series in 2012. It is, in and of itself, one of the many projects in the franchise that have failed to fully release, as the series struggled to find the right person to bring the The Munsters in modern times. By comparison, macabre sitcom mate, The Addams Family, which started airing around the same time, fared better, spawning several blockbuster movies and series over the years, with a death-obsessed Wednesday-based Netflix series currently in the works. Despite the lack of modern iterations of The Addams FamilyZombie’s biggest competition, the traditional version of the franchise seems to stay close to the source material, which can only be a good thing in its effort to break The Munsters curse.

While Zombie’s teasing gave fans food for thought, one of the biggest questions surrounding The Munsters reboot is if the project will be black and white. A tribute to old Hollywood and the show’s roots, nearly all of the footage Zombie posted has stuck with the monochrome color scheme, but Mockingbird Lane’s latest tease breaks that trend, with the image showing the house in color. glory. Either way, every picture Zombie teases demonstrates he’s the right person to bring The Munsters to life, because it is very clearly a passionate project for the director. Constant costume teases, stage previews with exemplary attention to detail, and now the last look at 1313 Mockingbird Lane reinforces that Zombie is fully committed to making the film work. While a teaser still seems far away, The Munsters The film will hit theaters next year and air on Peacock at the same time.

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