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Ridley Scott says Gladiator 2 is ‘ready to go’ after upcoming movie


Director Ridley scott is without a doubt one of the greatest directors of a generation and he has no plans to give up just yet. In addition to aligning The last duel and Gucci House for release this year, the director told Empire magazine he will start work on his sequel to the epic Russell Crowe. Gladiator once he’s done shooting Musette, the feature film Napoleon Bonaparte directed by another Gladiator star, Joaquin Phoenix. It was reported three years ago that Scott was planning to follow up on the Oscar-winning and critically acclaimed film. Gladiator but this is the first time Scott has placed the film in its production timeline.

It has been said that although he has not yet started working on Musette, this film is due out in 2023, so that would define the Gladiator sequel somewhere in 2024 or later. It will join a series of historical epics stemming from the Extraterrestrial director, whose career now spans five decades. While discussing Musette, which also includes Kill Eve star Jodie Comer, Scott told the magazine: “I already have [the next] Gladiator writing now. So when I finished Napoleon, Gladiator will be ready to go. “

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The 83-year-old has had a string of blockbuster films over the past decade, including two Extraterrestrial previous films in Prometheus and Alien: Alliance, The Martian, and the film by John Paul Getty All the money in the world, corn Gladiator is still one of his most beloved films by critics and audiences alike. The film had an epic budget of $ 103 million, but grossed over $ 460 million and won five Oscars, including Best Picture. Scott was nominated in the Best Director category, but was defeated in that honor by Steven Soderbergh who won for Traffic. While this isn’t the kind of movie that automatically lends itself to a sequel, especially when the protagonist meets her demise in the final act, it was revealed in a 2018 Deadline report exactly how the story would progress in. the following.

Gladiator 2 will follow Lucius, the nephew of Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix in the original story. In the final act of Gladiator, Commodus was killed by a mortally wounded Maximus, played by Crowe, who later died himself to reunite with his wife in the afterlife. By his act, Maximus was responsible for saving Lucius and his mother Lucilla, while securing his much-sought revenge for the deaths of his own family. The sequel will find out how Maximus’ actions had a strong and lasting impression on the young boy’s future. Chris Hemsworth is rumored to be the cast, possibly to play Maximus’ son.

The report suggests that Peter Craig, who was responsible for the scripts for two of the The hunger Games movies, as well as the always late Top Gun: Maverick, will write the sequel, while Paramount was on board, with Universal, which distributed the original film, having a co-funding option. Obviously, more information about the project will be available when it finally begins production, likely within the next couple of years.

Ridley Scott’s next release, The last duel, which stars Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, premiered at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month and arrives in US theaters on October 15. It comes to us from Empire.

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