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Police try to identify Melbourne anti-lockdown protesters who assaulted TV reporter


Police are trying to identify several men who assaulted a TV reporter during a lockdown protest in Melbourne last month.

During the incident, on September 21, a protester grabbed Channel Seven reporter Paul Dowsley by the neck.

A second man spat at the reporter, and a third man threw liquid, believed to be urine, on him.

The incident happened at around 11:15 am as Mr Dowsley was reporting on a protest in Swanston Street.

Just over an hour later, the reporter was hit in the head by a can of drink thrown at him at the corner of Flinders Lane and Queen Street.

Mr. Dowsley was slightly injured in the incidents.


Police released CCTV footage of the men involved in the alleged assaults.

Police said the man who grabbed Mr Dowsley by the neck was Caucasian in appearance, dark haired and was wearing a green and gray high-visibility jacket.

The man who spat on the victim is also Caucasian in appearance, with facial hair, baldness or a shaved head, and was wearing a brown jacket and dark pants.

Police want to question this man about an assault during a demonstration in September.(Provided: Victoria Police)

The third man, who threw the liquid that would be urine on the victim, is described as wearing a bicycle helmet, a gray jacket and blue jeans with dark spots.

The man who threw a can at Mr Dowsley is described as wearing a light blue sweater, blue sweatpants with white stripes and a light colored beanie.

A man throwing something.
Police said the man threw away fluid believed to be urine during a protest in September 2021.(Provided: Victoria Police)

The police called the men’s behavior unacceptable.

Anyone who has witnessed the incidents or who can identify the men is encouraged to call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333000.

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