Home Movie Pete Davidson is filming a horror movie with the director of The Purge

Pete Davidson is filming a horror movie with the director of The Purge

pete davidson

pete davidson
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

People who enjoy watching bad things happen to Pete Davidson are in luck tonight, because Deadline reports that the SNL Star has apparently signed on for a new horror feature from The purgeit’s James DeMonaco.

Specifically, Davidson is set to star in The House, which will see him play Max, a “troubled” guy who becomes confused after realizing that the retirement home where he works harbors a sinister secret. To quote the description: “As he investigates the building and its forbidden fourth floor, he begins to uncover connections to his own past and upbringing as an adopted child. Frightening!

Davidson has gradually branched out into film in recent years, most notably with his 2020 feature Judd Apatow The King of Staten Island. His last appearance on the big screen was at James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad– but not for very long, due to the premise of the film. And his the next list of projects understands all of a supposed Animated Marmaduke film, to his series Tubi stoner The Monster Brothers, at another one horror film, A24 and Halina Reijn Body Body Body. Guy is busy, that’s all we’re saying.

DeMonaco, meanwhile, is best known for his Purge films, all of which he wrote and most of which he directed. (He jumped The first purge and last years The Eternal Purge.) He also, we just learned at this very moment, co-wrote the screenplay for Francis Ford Coppola’s comedy-drama “Little Child with Progeria” by Robin Williams. Jack, and now we imagine someone redoing Jack with Pete Davidson, and oops, there’s our night completely ruined.

Anyway: Strictly speaking, is it mature for us to respond to news that Davidson has lined up another horror feature by posting the Saturday Night Live sketch where its cThe character Chad is threatened by a Scream– serial killer ? After all, Davidson has much more to offer than his affable, slacker personality, and The House shows a clear desire to branch out a bit from what it was before—

Ok, no, still too funny to resist. Good sketch too!