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Netflix could release video games related to new TV shows


What is the future of Netflix? And how will the company maintain its viewer base with so many new streaming platforms?

Netflix is ​​looking ahead and thinking about new ways to keep customers on its platform, and now we have a sense of where the business is heading. Netflix has confirmed to IGN that it has hired former EA and Facebook executive Mark Verdu to head its new game development department. Verdu was previously responsible for bringing new games and developers to the Oculus VR on Facebook. At EA, Verdu has overseen mobile games such as SimCity, Plants vs. Zombies 2, and more.

As of yet, there has been no official word from Netflix on what the new game development department will create, or how the company plans to distribute the games on its platform. It is not clear whether Netflix plans to develop its own in-house games or plans to license third-party games that can then be played by subscribers on its platform.


Now, why would Netflix want to start developing games? Netflix needs to make its platform more versatile in terms of creating / licensing content that attracts / retains new / old subscribers. This hasn’t been a problem for Netflix for a while, as other streaming platforms were just getting started, but now that there are plenty of viable streaming options on the market, Netflix needs to turn into something. again.

Speculation: Now, there is no evidence of what will follow, but it’s still an interesting thought. Imagine Netflix releasing a video game on its platform that is directly related to a TV show or movie in the sense that players could take on the role of characters in the new show and complete the levels that can be seen in it. the show / movie.

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Here is an example. Imagine the new TV show Loki (I know his Disney) dropping its first episode with a video game that allows players to play as Loki in the first episode. When Episode 2 releases the following week, a new part of the game unlocks (everything in Episode 2), allowing players to explore the game further. Essentially, players could watch a show, then if they wanted to, play with it. Imagine that same concept with a Game of Thrones-sized show.

As I mentioned before, there is no official proof that Netflix will make any video games related to TV shows or movies, but if they do, I think it would be an amazing way to pollinate the public and thus retain subscribers on its Platform.

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