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Naga Chaitanya is not interested in remaking Hollywood movies


Posted: Posted Date – 10:40 PM, Sun – Aug 21, 22

Hyderabad: Naga Chaitanya may have starred in the official ‘Forrest Gump’ remake recently, but the Telugu movie star isn’t interested in starring in any other iconic Hollywood films.

“Although I am heavily inspired by many Hollywood films and actors, I wouldn’t want to remake an iconic film. I don’t think I would do justice to films that have already been successful. I am inspired by Hollywood actors and their style, but I think the original movies are my forte,” Chaitanya shared, speaking exclusively to ‘Telangana today‘.

The ‘100% Love’ actor added that Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling are his favorite Hollywood stars of all time. Chaitanya said, “I’ve been a huge Tom Cruise fan since I was a kid. Watching ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ recently made me realize how amazing it is, how it hasn’t aged at all and is getting more vibrant by the day. So, maybe I would like to act in a film strongly inspired by such films, but not in a remake.

As the lines between local and global cinema blur, would Chaitanya like to venture into Hollywood? “Of course, but you don’t know when opportunities are knocking at your door. My current process is to continue to improve my skills and seek maximum exposure. I like to maneuver organically while keeping my options open,” Chaitanya explained.

Chaitanya praised Dhanush for his role in the Netflix movie ‘The Gray Man’ starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. “I watched it and it’s awesome what Dhanush did in the movie. I really loved his action sequences; I would really enjoy a role like that or maybe a role in Bond” , said the “Love Story” star.

The actor says his heart has always been with Telugu cinema and audiences. “It is thanks to my Telugu fans that I got this recognition and I will be forever grateful to them. It is their energy that drives me to try new roles and they mean everything to me,” adds Naga Chaitanya.