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MGIC integrates with Mortgage Coach on the online borrower conversion platform


MILWAUKEE, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) (NYSE: MTG) and Mortgage Coach, an industry-leading loan officer presentation solution, jointly announced the availability of MGIC mortgage insurance quotes today via Mortgage Coach’s mortgage strategy and virtual presentation. Platform. With this technological integration into Mortgage Coach, loan originators can now include live MGIC rate quotes in their loan scenarios without leaving the platform. This automation brings real-time mortgage insurance quotes to the Mortgage Coach platform, enhancing the borrower experience by optimizing price speed and accuracy.

“We are delighted to partner with Mortgage Coach to provide access to MGIC mortgage insurance rates,” said Margaret crowley, MGIC VP Marketing and Customer Experience. “The best customer service is fast and reliable; this integration will ensure fast and accurate mortgage insurance quotes for loan officers and their borrowers. “

“Over twenty percent of our loans have mortgage insurance, which translates to thousands of units per year,” said Paul Anastos, Innovation Director at Guaranteed Rate, Inc. “Communicating clearly the benefits of MI early on in the conversation with the borrower is a significant competitive advantage for our team. Having our specific IM quote instantly available in Mortgage Coach saves time on every presentation, a crucial value for every professional today. ”

Mortgage Coach MGIC integration is now available to any lender with access to Mortgage Coach Enterprise Edition and an active MGIC policy account.

About MGIC

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation “MGIC” (www.mgic.com), the main subsidiary of MGIC Investment Corporation, serves lenders across the United States, Puerto Rico and other locations to help families access insurance faster. property by making affordable low down payment mortgages a reality. From time to time, MGIC Investment Corporation publishes material information through posts on its corporate website and through posts on the MGIC website for underwriting and pricing information and intends to continue. to do so in the future. These publications include corrections to prior disclosures and may be made without any further disclosure. Investors and other interested parties are encouraged to sign up to receive automatic email alerts and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds regarding new publications. MGIC Investment Corporation’s alert registration information is available at https://mtg.mgic.com/shareholder-services/email-alerts. For more information on our pricing and pricing, see https://www.mgic.com/underwriting.

About Mortgage Coach

Mortgage Coach’s suite of online and mobile business applications enhances the conversation between borrower, mortgage professional and real estate agent, enabling a confident mortgage decision. Thousands of banks and lenders rely on Mortgage Coach to turn borrower education into a competitive advantage. With Mortgage Coach technology, finance and real estate professionals deliver clearly illustrated mortgage options with detailed financial data, charts, video narration and live updates on any device, ensuring a informed choice of mortgage loan. Learn more about how to add the power of Mortgage Coach to your lending platform by visiting https://www.mortgagecoach.com/mgic.

SOURCE Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Company

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