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MCU Wiki Community Urges Marvel Studios To Keep Earlier Canon TV Shows


A dedicated wiki community is drafting a call for Marvel Studios to keep canon from previous TV shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

An avid Marvel Cinematic Universe wiki moderator has made an 18-page appeal asking Marvel Studios to keep the canon of Marvel TV shows.

The paper was written, over the course of a year, by user BEJT, who identifies as “a walking MCU encyclopedia and a proud mega-fan.” In their appeal, BEJT urged Marvel Studios to allay the anxieties of TV fans, who have devoted seven years of affection to projects once featured as part of the MCU.

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The series discussed in the call include Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, daredevil, Jessica jones, Luke Cage, Iron fist, The defenders, Inhuman, The punisher, Runaways, Cape & Dagger, and Helstrom. However, BEJT added the caveat that HelstromMCU project status has never been solid and the Inhuman remains sufficiently isolated in its references to be “surgically removable from the barrel, if deemed necessary”.

In the call, BEJT proposes that these shows – comprising over 300 hours of content and representing nearly 86% of the MCU, as of 2020 – help to strengthen the larger storytelling of the universe. “Marvel Studios tells the stories of the people who define this world, and Marvel Television tells the stories of the people living in the world these people defined,” they wrote. Not only did the MCU Seal bring fans to these TV series, but it defined intrinsic elements of their storytelling.

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While Marvel Television fans never entertained any hope that these small projects would be recognized in the MCU, their existence in the universe was never in question. However, the disbandment of Netflix’s Marvel Television series, the rollout of Marvel Studios shows on Disney +, and the rumor mill surrounding the burgeoning Phase 4 of the MCU, have led fans to develop a sense of anxiety surrounding the validity of their favorite series in the wider universe.

Promising assurances for Marvel Television fans include James D’Arcy’s cameo as Jarvis in Avengers: Endgame. However, BEJT has pointed to a pervasive fear that Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige will simply grab the fan service items from the Marvel Television graveyard and throw the rest away in the future. The theory that Marvel Television could exist in an alternate universe has met with the same disapproval from TV fans who have invested in these series over the years.

“Having been repeatedly assured for 7 years that the shows were MCU canon and given them so much of ourselves based on that,” BEJT summed up, “I think it’s understandable to be bruised just by the overthrow. of that promise. ” After collecting signatures on the MCU wiki, BEJT began sharing the call on social media, adding that they would send the physical 18-page document, along with graphics, to Marvel Studios.

The once sprawling world of Marvel Television has now been consolidated into the Marvel Studios TV banner at Disney +, where the animated anthology What if…? currently airs Wednesdays at 12 p.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET.

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