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Mark Ruffalo comments on a possible War World Hulk movie


Mark Ruffalo does not hesitate when asked if he would be up for playing in a world war hulk feature film. The actor joined his co-star Tatiana Maslany on the red carpet for the premiere of She-Hulk: Lawyer, the next Marvel series to air on Disney+. Bruce Banner and his Hulk alter ego play an important role in She-Hulk, as his cousin Jennifer Walter gets her Hulk powers from him. An extract of She-Hulk teased the possibility of a world war hulk project in the near future, and Mark Ruffalo is ready as soon as Marvel Studios is.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if he would be up for a solo Hulk movie centered on world war hulk, Ruffalo replied, “Anytime they want to do it, I’m here,” while pointing at the camera. He was also asked if Avengers: Secret Wars may exceed the box office success that has been Avengers: Endgame. “Well, it’s gonna be hard to do better End of Gamebut if I know Kevin [Feige] and I know Marvel, it’s going to be pretty amazing. It will be a big blow,” he said.

Bruce Banner/Hulk was absent from Earth between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok. This latest film revealed how the Hulk’s Quinjet was teleported from Earth to the alien planet Sakaar, where he fought in the Grandmaster’s gladiatorial pits. A die Ragnarok the action sequences featured Bruce piloting a golden spaceship very similar to the one that appears in the new She-Hulk clip. This Easter egg has fueled speculation that the popular world war hulk The comic book story is about to be played out in the MCU. After all, why would a spaceship appear out of nowhere and seek out the Hulk or She-Hulk? The Grand Master could be looking for his precious fighter either to get revenge for abandoning him or to start his murderous games again.

An October 2021 report claimed that Marvel Studios was preparing a 2022 production start date for world war hulk. There have been no updates since that initial report, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hasn’t revealed any updates. world war hulk project during the studio’s major Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con. However, Phase 6 of the MCU timeline had many open dates, so it’s possible it could be revealed next month during Marvel’s big D23 Expo extravaganza.

world war hulk saw Bruce Banner’s alter ego return to Earth determined to exact revenge on his friends in the hero community who had tried to exile him to the cosmos in Planet Hulk. One sticking point is that the Hulk is in good standing with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes right now, appearing in She-Hulk: Lawyer and a post-credits scene in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. So if a world war hulk If a movie or TV series were to take place, Marvel Studios would more than likely use the name and modify it as it saw fit. This has happened in other cases like Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity Warand Avengers: Endgamethe last two inspired by the Infinity Gauntlet comic event.

Do you think a world war hulk movie is on the horizon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! She-Hulk: Lawyer premieres August 18 on Disney+.