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M. Night Shyamalan likes to mix genres in his films | Entertainment


M. Night Shyamalan likes the “balance” of mixing genres in his films.

The 50-year-old director is known for making original films with a diverse mix of genres and pleasures to try and change tone when making a project.

Shyamalan said ComicBook.com: “It’s the balance to get the right tone for this multi-genre thing that I love so much.

“I tend to try to switch from lower octane genres and slowly shift it to a higher octane genre, so it’s going to go to drama and then mystery then thriller then supernatural thriller then to horror.

“You try to beat it that way, but the drama, for me, is always the depth. You try to really care about the characters and their movements, their reaction to the supernatural is really the most important thing.”

The “old” filmmaker has revealed he’s not afraid to add elements of comedy and romance to a movie if he chooses.

Shyamalan explained, “Whenever I feel like working on a romance or a comedy, I just fit it into the genre style I’m doing.

“So ‘The Visit’ would be my desire to be more comedic. In general, these movies, the dark humor aspect, I had more opportunities in these four movies to do that and I love that, this opportunity. .

“Like like ‘Old’ I wanted to talk a little bit about romance, so there’s what (that) we woven together.”

‘Old’ focuses on a group of people who are aging quickly as they are trapped on an island and the director says it taps into people’s fears about their mortality.

Shyamalan said, “It was supposed to take away all of those fears of my parents getting old and my kids growing up and all the things that were on my mind, and then when I got the graphic novel it was so much fun, “The version of Twilight Zone to deal with this topic.”

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