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“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Thomas finds a message from Vinny from beyond the grave. The message says he committed suicide so Thomas could have a chance to be with Hope. Everyone is backing Liam for being tricked into thinking he ran over Vinny. On the other hand, everyone thinks Bill’s cover-up plan caused this mess. Justin gets tired of being a gofer at the Spencers and decides to take over while Bill and Liam are in jail. Since Thomas knows what really happened, Carter decides he needs to keep him away. Carter grabs Thomas and places him in a cage in the Forrester Expedition Room. Thomas tells him that he understands why he hates Bill – he hates him too. Refusing to release Thomas, Justin says he’s going to make sure Liam and Bill have nothing. He’s tired of Bill doing everything for his sons and giving him crumbs. Quinn gets nervous when she sees Eric talking to Carter. When Paris shows up, Quinn panics, fearing to reveal that Quinn and Carter slept together. Quinn knows her marriage is over if this comes out. Quinn tells Eric that she would like to renew their vows.


“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLES”: Sally and Tara intend to get rid of Summer by offering her a job offer in Italy. Kyle is heartbroken over Summer’s decision to take the job. Summer lies when she tells Kyle that he loves her more than she loves her. Lauren tells Summer that she won’t accept his resignation. Jack is curious as to why Sally is in such a good mood. She doesn’t tell him how she got Summer away from Kyle. Tara thinks she can win Kyle’s love while he mocks toddler Harrison. When Nick can’t talk Summer off of going to Italy, he says he’s taking her on the company jet. Lily isn’t thrilled with Billy’s desire to stick with Victor. Victoria doesn’t listen when Billy tells her Ashland isn’t someone she should be involved with. Abby feels calmer when she learns that Chance is still on a secret government mission and in good health. Abby is thrilled when her ex-husband Ben comes to town. Ben tells Abby that his son Max’s brain tumor cannot be cured. Ben says he’s horrified that Max miscarried him. She says the boy was sick when he tripped her up the stairs. Sharon and Rey go on vacation to Florida. Mariah begins to show a baby bump and has strange food cravings. Amanda is horrified when she realizes that Sutton and her mother are responsible for her father’s death.


“DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Kristin writes a letter with a poisoned pen to the citizens of Salem. Kate, EJ and Sami move into the DiMera mansion. Nicole reveals to Brady that she slept with Alex. Chloe moves in with Philip. Nicole is worried that Eric will learn for her and Alex. Lucas tells Sami that they are going together. Sami thinks her life will be over if EJ realizes that she and Lucas have made love. Paulina is bowled over by Chanel and Allie’s bakery. Paulina has a secret that she refuses to reveal, but knows that it will be revealed. Jack stands up for Alex when Julie says she wants him to leave the Horton house. Ben sees Ciara and wonders if it’s a dream.


“GENERAL HPITAL”: When Carly asks Jason about his relationship with Britt, he says they’re a couple and it’s none of his business. He assures her that nothing will ever change how he feels about Carly. Everyone is thrilled when Monica is appointed head of the hospital. When Britt wonders if Monica is going to replace her as Chief of Staff, she tells him that she hasn’t decided. Alexis is placed in solitary confinement. Nina wonders what will happen when people learn that she knew Sonny was alive and kept it a secret. Monica puts Liz and Bobbie back to work full time at the nurses’ station. Finn is delighted that Chase is alive, but he is sorry that his brother has to relearn to walk. “Mike” is delighted that Elijah is in prison in his place. Phyllis is happy that business has picked up in Tan-O. “Mike” tells him that he doesn’t care about his past life – he’s happy with his current life. Beside Franco’s grave, Liz realizes how much she misses him. Cameron tells Jason he’s sorry he thought he killed Franco. Jason says he understands and knows how much Cameron loved Franco and that he was a good father figure to all the boys.


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