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Louis CK’s New Movie ‘Fourth of July’ Is Set Almost Entirely in Maine


Comedian and filmmaker Louis CK has released a new film set almost entirely in Maine, his first film since five women accused him of sexual harassment during the height of the #MeToo movement.

“Fourth of July” was released in a limited theatrical run last week and tells the story of a jazz musician named Jeff (Joe List) who returns home to Maine for a weekend with his family for their annual 4th of July holiday, during which things quickly turn antagonistic.

The film is set in an unnamed Maine town, on an unnamed Maine lake, in a quaint family camp where the reunited extended family engages in a shocking and protracted fight over long-held grudges, betrayal, guilt and anger. Critical response was mixed, with some calling it an entertaining family comedy-drama and others calling it CK’s self-indulgent attempt to redeem his name.

The movie is set in Maine, but like so many other movies set in the state, it wasn’t filmed in Maine, but filmed in Lake George, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains. Even so, it shows a kind of camp weekend in Maine that many Maine residents might be familiar with, full of boating, food, and, probably, lots of booze.

In 2017, Louis CK was accused by several women of sexual harassment. His first feature film, “I Love You, Daddy” was shelved following these accusations, and CK disappeared from the spotlight for almost a year. Since then, however, he has tried to revive his career, with two stand-up specials and “Fourth of July”, his second feature film.

“Fourth of July” will be screened on July 12 in theaters in Augusta and Brunswick.