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Kenneth Branagh’s new movie has a touching Thor’s Easter egg


Director Kenneth Branagh’s new Belfast movie features a heartwarming Easter Egg that references his 2011 Phase One MCU movie, Thor.

Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s latest film, features a heartwarming Easter Egg that references his 2011 Phase One MCU movie, Thor. Shot in black and white, Belfast is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age comedy-drama set in the 1960s and focuses on Buddy (Jude Hill), a nine-year-old boy growing up amid conflict in Northern Ireland. Branagh wrote the film during the lockdown last year and drew heavily on his own childhood experiences, and considers it his most personal film to date.

Branagh would find success on stage and on screen early on, playing and directing many works by Shakespeare. Over the past decade, however, he has largely shifted his film production towards mainstream Hollywood films such as Disney’s live-action. Cinderella and Jack Ryan: The Shadow Recruit. The start of this career change was the fourth Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Thor. Considered at the time as a risky character to adapt to the anchored world Iron Man had established, Branagh was able to bring his Shakespearean sensibility to the Asgard royal family and sell the public a God of Thunder space with a magic hammer as the MCU still found its feet.

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While Belfast does not directly indicate that Buddy is the young Branagh, the future director was born in Belfast, lived there for nine years until his family moved to England to escape “The Troubles”. is full of humor and touching scenes, one of which shows Buddy sitting outside on the sidewalk, reading a comic book of Thor. Members of the public watch the film at the Toronto Film Festival (via Variety) rejoiced at the reference to the Marvel superhero and applauded the moment.

While his superhero film is not without detractors, Branagh successfully penetrates the hearts of the characters during the scenes of Asgard, which are replete with powerful performances from Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) and Tom Hiddleston. as a scene thief. trickster Loki. The inclusion of Buddy reading a Thor comic strip on the street is a sweet nod to the future filmmaker’s passion for the God of Thunder from an early age. It’s not the only reference to his filmography in the film either; a novel by Agatha Christie is present in Buddy’s room, a nod to his adaptations of Poirot Murder on the Orient Express and the next one Death on the Nile.

While he hasn’t returned for a Thor sequel, the Marvel Easter Egg also shows that he still has a fondness for the character. Branagh’s career as a director has been a mix of highs (Henri V, Hamlet) and down (Artemis Poultry). Belfast appears to be a return to form for the director and a forerunner for awards season. The general public will have the chance to judge for themselves when it hits theaters on November 12.e.

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  • Belfast (2021)Release Date: November 12, 2021

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