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Jeff Davis teases how Allison fits into the Teen Wolf movie


Showrunner Jeff Davis teases how Crystal Reed’s Allison Argent will return to the Teen Wolf movie, despite her massive death in Season 3.

Jeff Davis teases the return of Allison Argent from Crystal Reed Teen Wolf: The Movie, despite its mass death in Season 3. One of MTV’s most popular shows is making a comeback, but not with another season. Based on the 80s comedy movie franchise, the Teen Wolf The series is a dark reimagining that deepens supernatural lore from the films of Michael J. Fox. With Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, Teen Wolf follows the Beacon Hill teenager after he is bitten by a werewolf and becomes one himself.

Teen Wolf ran for 6 seasons on MTV with a total of 100 episodes between 2011 and 2017. However, not even a decade has passed, and the supernatural hit is already making a comeback, this time as a movie exclusive on Paramount+. Several characters from the original series return for Teen Wolf: The Movie, and one in particular raised his eyebrows. One of the central characters of Teen Wolf the first episodes were Reed’s Allison Argent, a masterful archer and the love of Scott’s life until his sudden death in Season 3. Despite his untimely end, Allison will be in Teen Wolf: The Movieand not for flashbacks.


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While the details are kept under wraps, Teen Wolf creator Davis chatted with Collider at Comic-Con in San Diego this year about the film and Allison’s role in it. Without revealing exactly how Reed’s character returns in Teen Wolf: The Movie, Davis clarified that it was not a cameo and that she had a central role to play in the story. Davis explained:

“It’s not a cameo! She’s a big part of the movie, and I think it’s quite meaningful to see her walk away from the burning wreckage of a car with arrows in her back. I don’t want to say too much, but she has a lot of fun things to do in the movie.”

Crystal Reed Allison Back Reaction Movie Teen Wolf

The only thing we know about Teen Wolf: The Movie Is it a “a terrifying evil has appeared” and see the likes of “Banshees, Werecoyotes, Hellhounds and Kitsunes“affected because Scott has to be the hero again. The exact explanation for Allison’s return in Teen Wolf: The Movie is extremely hazy, and it doesn’t look like anyone involved with the film will be sharing those details anytime soon. If this is meant to be the real Allison, something or someone must have found a way to resurrect her, hence what we saw of her in the latest trailer for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

When it comes to the Teen Wolf universe, anything is possible, but it expands the variety of ways Allison takes on the story. One potential option is that he is a vicious shapeshifter who has taken the form of Allison and is a personal villain to Scott, thus resembling his first true love. From everything we know about Teen Wolf: The Movie, the main villain is supposed to be the deadliest adversary these characters have ever faced. What would make things even more emotionally gripping is if it’s someone who has the power to be like allies he’s lost over the years, including Allison. The truth will come out soon enough.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie premieres this fall, only on Paramount+

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