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How to Use FaceTime’s SharePlay Feature on Mac to Watch Movies and TV Shows Together


To note: FaceTime’s SharePlay feature requires macOS Monterey 12.1, which is only available to beta testers at the time of writing. Expect Monterey 12.1 to be available to all users in late fall 2021.

In macOS Monterey, FaceTime received major enhancements on the Mac, including the ability to share your screen with other people during a video call.

Officially called SharePlay, and previously only available on iPhone and iPad, Apple’s new screen sharing feature lets you share your Mac screen with other people during a FaceTime call, which opens up new possibilities. new possibilities for sharing experiences with your friends and family.

With SharePlay, you can share your screen or a specific application window on your Mac desktop with the people you chat with, as long as they are also using an Apple device running iOS 15.1 or later or macOS 12.1. Monterey or later. You can also watch streaming movies and TV shows together, which is the subject of this article. The following steps show you how to do this on a Mac.

  1. To throw FaceTime on your Mac.
  2. Click on New FaceTime and add the contacts you want to share your screen with, then click the FaceTime button. You can also select a recent contact to start a video call.
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  3. Once the call is connected, launch the TV app on your Mac and choose a TV show or movie to watch. You will be notified that any content you subsequently play will automatically SharePlay, and all participants in the call will see the same synced video and playback controls.
  4. When you are done watching, close the media window and choose either End for everyone or – if other people on a call wish to continue watching – End only for me.

That’s all we can say about it. The introduction of SharePlay on Mac also means that you can listen to music together through FaceTime. Just make a FaceTime call and start it Music app, then choose your music, and everyone on the call can enjoy it. The whole group will see the rest and be able to add songs to a shared queue with synchronized playback and media controls.

In addition to proprietary Apple experiences like Apple TV and Apple Music, SharePlay is also compatible with third-party app experiences. Developers have already created SharePlay experiences for iOS devices, and now they can integrate SharePlay functionality into Mac apps as well.

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