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How September 11 affected cinema and television


One of the most tragic events in modern history happened 20 years ago. El World Trade Center, commonly called The twin towers, was destroyed by a terrorist attack that left the United States in despair. The events carried out by television and the cinema had to modify the plans of their premieres and their launches. Movies like Spider Man and series like Friends they changed some questions out of respect for the victims.

The attack occurred during the eighth season of Friends. (IMDb)

After the September 11 attack, there were different positions that were taken in the film industry that changed some stories, like the case of Friends and Collateral damage. While the sitcom deleted a scene in which Chandler (Matthieu perry) made bombshell jokes, the movie deleted an entire sequence in which Sofia vergara she appeared as a terrorist hijacking a plane.

Other policies that were taken after the event were to eliminate The twin towers. Spider Man, of Sam raimi, had featured a trailer for his film showing the iconic building and it was removed, along with any promotional footage that showed them. Something similar happened with the cases of Zoolander and The Sopranos, which eliminated them. The series with James gandolfini showed them in the rearview mirror of Tony soprano, during the opening. men in black 2 He also changed his story and transferred a key event from the World Trade Center a Statue of Liberty.

There were also special cases, such as that of My poor little angel 2, for which some channels have eliminated the sequences that showed The twin towers before republishing it on the small screen. Productions, such as Donnie Darko (in which even a plane falls from the sky) they preferred not to modify anything. X-Men: Apocalypse and WatchmenProductions that came much later, they added them digitally because they took place at a time when they had not yet been demolished.

Fear on the set of Friends

For Friends, the attack against The twin towers It was not only a question of changing a scene but also a filming policy. Since all sitcoms were historically used, they were recorded with the audience in attendance to capture live reactions to each sequence. However, that was not the case for some time.

The director of photography Nick mclean He said that the public’s absence had continued for a long time and that “The girls were very scared”. Additionally, he revealed: “They had bomb dogs roaming the sets, it was a time when we were very scared”. In the absence of the public to laugh at the situations in Friends, the production found a solution: the technicians were responsible for filling the positions in the stands.

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