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Hogwarts has the most expensive bathroom in movies and TV according to study – CVBJ


In modern fantasy cinema, one of the most popular sagas since the early 2000s is Harry Potter, the film adaptation of the novels written by JK Rowling. Beyond all the merchandise generated in this regard and the massive fan base that he has across the globe, the films starring Daniel Radcliffe have set an important guideline in script-making, for beyond the magicians of all ages, classrooms, costumes and artifacts have also become a character.

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In addition to Harry’s uncle’s house, the school, the labyrinth, Hagrid’s house, the infirmary and other places that have become common throughout the saga, one of the most iconic is the bathroom. And it’s not just any bathroom, he has the best company (or not) as Potter’s eternally in love ghost cries Myrtle. In addition, it has become an important meeting point for the protagonists since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – 80%.

There Hermione created the Polyjuice Potion, Harry and Ron saved it from a huge troll, they discovered it was the entrance to a secret passage, it was there that the protagonist was able to decipher the golden egg and the riddle of the siren song, among many more important moments. Being such an important storyline that it has also been recreated in video games and Lego minifigures, surely many fans would think about recreating it, but it would come at a high cost.

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Recently Victorian Plumbing, an online toilet retailer, budgeted for the most popular toilets in cinema and TV (via CBR), and in fact, it was the Hogwarts bathroom that was the most expensive. for all parts. so particular that it has, stained glass windows in the particular sink. The UK-based company calculated that recreating this space would cost around 6,096.74 euros, or $ 7,130.75.

That’s not to say it’s a drag for the most extravagant fan of this saga, but it would mean a big investment and savings. But the list goes on, although the place where Gryffindor students go ranks first as the most expensive, next on the list is Scarface –

84% where Tony Montana (Al Pacino) shines in a huge jacuzzi with gold coins.

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Higher on the list is Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) ‘s popular bathtub in Pretty Woman – 62%, where Vivian (Julia Roberts) has one of her cutest scenes where she listens to music while seated. relaxing. Another bathroom game that was considered was that of The SimpsonsWell, even though it’s a busy place, there are also some details that make it interesting and not that cheap.

For now, it seems the most accessible thing to feel at Hogwarts is going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, where they have an exact replica, though it might not be that easy. take a bath or recreate some magic. potion.

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