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Here are the best Nordic Noir TV shows on Netflix


Thanks to content-hungry curiosity on streaming services like netflix, the television and film subgenre known as Nordic noir is everywhere, and it’s the type of gritty, sinister atmospheric television that will appeal to viewers who thrive on a touch of crime drama. Fans love to be totally captivated by solving the case alongside the detectives and the genre has achieved global popularity with shows like The bridge and The slaughter. However, there’s a lot more to the genre to offer, especially with Netflix increasing its international content, so let’s take a look at some other fantastic Nordic blacks you can find on Netflix.


Netflix’s Norwegian fantasy drama series, Ragnarok, takes place in a fictional Norwegian town called Edda. The city is suffering from climate change and industrial pollution caused by factories owned by a local family. When a teenager returns to town with his mother and brother, he begins to display superhuman abilities and learns that he is the reincarnation of Thor and begins the fight against those destroying the planet.

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The story builds and becomes increasingly tense as we uncover more of the town’s dark secrets and the emerging abilities of the main character. The narrative and stylistic choices are cleverly woven together, and the setting is beautiful among the beautiful Norwegian landscapes, which is an important feature of the show. Ragnarok is unique in that it tackles the popular superhero genre, something unusual for Nordic noir, but maintains the dark, small-town secrecy, and conspiratorial, melancholic atmosphere.

Midnight Sun

When a Frenchman is discovered dead tied to a helicopter near the town of Kiruna in Lapland, Sweden, the police send a female agent to uncover the crime. However, since the sun does not set during the 76 days of the “midnight sun”, concentrating on the case proves difficult. Midnight Sun instantly captured audiences with its classic thriller, but gradually dragged us in with an even more compelling why-dunit. With the traditionally dark and gritty atmosphere of classic Nordic noir, the series challenged viewers’ ethics and morality, because the more that is revealed, the more shocked we are. It’s a brilliant thriller with, of course, beautiful Scandinavian landscapes.

border town

Fitting perfectly into the classic Nordic noir genre, Netflix brings us a Finnish detective show, border town. After Inspector Kari Sorjonen moves his family to Lappeenranta, a Russian border town in Finland, we watch as his wife longs for a peaceful life after surviving cancer, which in true Nordic black fashion is never the case. Not only are the audience drawn into the investigation of horrific crimes, but the show also touches on the issues the family faces as they move to a new town. It can be just as engrossing, and brings the series together to form an extremely tense and dark atmosphere, with some of the most emotionally devastating moments in the generally chilling genre.

those who kill

This Danish crime show follows the work of the Copenhagen police (in terms of what they investigate, well, the title reveals). As a homicide detective and a forensic psychologist try to solve violent crimes, mostly committed by notorious serial killers, the audience is left with a mysterious and sinister feeling as they are shown different perspectives and confusing. those who kill is disturbing, bringing a lot of tension in a race against time and allowing the audience to see behind the scenes of the capture of a killer. Both the 2011 Danish version and the 2019 Danish reboot are excellent, although Chloe Sevigny’s A&E version was just decent, despite performing well.


This horribly intense and claustrophobic Icelandic series is a roller coaster of crime. When two Nigerian sisters get off the ferry claiming to be victims of human trafficking, police officer Hinrika realizes that a serious crime is happening. Worse yet, a man’s body is discovered and the small Icelandic town is rocked by a catastrophe of human trafficking, murder and domestic violence.

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Audiences are drawn into shocking twists and intriguing characters in Trapfor it contains all the juicy, gritty hallmarks of a classic Nordic noir: dark, gloomy landscapes, mysterious and unusual murder, and great characters, including the unforgettable darkly troubled detective.


Netflix’s Swedish miniseries Quicksands is a heartbreaking romantic tragedy that will bring the viewer to tears. The start of the show is already shocking, opening with the immediate aftermath of a school shooting. As the camera pans over pools of blood and corpses, we hear the gunshots and screams and are immediately hooked on what happens next. Eventually, as we see the terrified face of one of the students, Maja, we begin the process of trauma and grief with her, but Maja’s ending isn’t what we expected.

Quicksands deliberately holds information to keep viewers intrigued and ready for a dramatic ending, and you can’t help but find yourself completely emotionally involved in this certifiable teardrop. Although the events that unfold throughout the series are gruesome, it’s impossible to look away as we’re taken on a disastrous journey of a charming but dangerous relationship and shown scenarios that are actually quite realistic. .


Caliphate is a unique series that takes Nordic noir and globalizes it. The show is based on the real-life case of the Bethnal Green trio, where three London teenage girls encountered jihad recruiters at their high school. The series follows several characters including Fatima, who is a Swedish security service agent; Pervin, a young Swede lured to Syria; and Sulle, a teenager being treated by Islamic State/ISIL.

The story begins in Syria with women called to a square. A man is dragged to a table and the women are told to look away. Then the audience is completely shocked to find that the man’s forearm is cut off. The drama surrounding the girls becomes more dominant throughout the series, and it’s impossible to help but become emotionally engaged in their tragic stories. The utterly shocking eight-part thriller is definitely a series on the edge of the siege, with dark themes of terrorism, women’s rights, trauma, abuse, and the human condition.

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