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Funny Halloween Episodes in TV Shows


While plenty of Halloween movies can help get viewers into the Halloween spirit, there’s also a great selection of hilarious and spooky Halloween-themed TV episodes. Halloween fans can choose from some of the best comedy series to watch something shorter while enjoying a bit of the spooky Halloween holiday vibe.

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These fun Halloween episodes are some of the best, and thanks to a wide variety of streaming services, TV fans can rewatch their favorite classic Halloween TV episodes as well as their modern favorites. Fans can enjoy some of the most original, funniest and most moving episodes of all time while watching hilarious and spooky Halloween shows and even learn a thing or two about celebrating All Saints Day.


8/8 Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Halloween, Season 1

Brooklyn nine-nine is one of the funniest comedy crime television series of all time, with an incredible cast and unforgettable characters. Despite having a large cult following and receiving many of the most prestigious awards, this show has remained one of the most underrated modern comedy shows.

However, it was also a quality that never failed, and each of the episodes of the shows had exciting stories and memorable jokes. Its first season also had one of the funniest Halloween TV episodes ever, in which Holt and Jake battled it out for the Medal of Valor.

7/8 Modern Family – Halloween Season 2

modern family was one of the most popular and funniest television sitcoms of all time, with a huge main cast. However, no other character loved Halloween as much as Claire, who always went the extra mile to create a uniquely spooky experience for herself and everyone around her.

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The show’s best Halloween episode in Season 2 was spooky, wholesome, and incredibly fun. Claire takes the lead in this episode and wants to create a perfectly scary Halloween show for cheaters and needs the help of her family, who aren’t very keen on the idea.

6/8 Black-ish – Jacked o’ Lantern, Season 2

Blackish was one of the wittiest and most enjoyable television shows of all time, always perfectly balancing humor with deeply moving and often heartbreaking moments. This acclaimed sitcom had a wonderful cast and relatable, quirky characters that made this show a must-watch.

Blackish was a show that had many special and themed episodes, and its Halloween-themed episode was one of the best on television. The episode follows Dre’s children, who go on to cheat or deal with their cousins ​​and find a way to connect in the process. At the same time, Dre is trying to deal with his own cousin June Bug who has been playing some pretty painful tricks on him since he can remember.

5/8 30 Rock – Stone Mountain, Season 4

30 Rock is one of the best TV shows of all time, featuring some of the weirdest and cutest characters. As the show was set in modern New York, it had some pretty unique storylines with one of the most interesting and wacky casts and some unforgettable surprise cameos.

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30 Rock is one of pop culture’s best satires, and its Halloween episode is one of TV shows’ funniest Halloween episodes with the same smart, fast-paced humor that the show’s fans loved. While not all of the stories revolve around Halloween in this episode, it’s still a fun, short option for those looking for something particularly hilarious this Halloween night.

Community was one of TV’s most ambitious and hilarious comedies, featuring some of the goofiest characters with lots of heart. Some of the show’s best characters have become cult favorites and have been inspiring Halloween costumes for many years now.

Naturally, one of TV’s funniest Halloween episodes is also due to this imaginative series that parodies just about every pop culture trope. In this creepy and hilarious Halloween-themed episode, there’s an outbreak of rage and the study group must find a find to survive Greendale’s Halloween party.

3/8 New Girl – Keaton, Season 3

new girl is perfect for those looking for a guaranteed mood booster this Halloween season. This feel-good sitcom offers original comedy and has a hilarious ensemble cast. The show had plenty of laughs and, thanks to its modern take on male-female friendships, it also had some particularly charming storylines.

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His Halloween episode during Season 3 is one of TV’s best and not just thanks to Schmidt’s iconic public snake Halloween costume, but also the quirky and touching storyline in which Schmidt uncovers the truth about the only father figure he had in his life.

2/8 Pushing Daisies – Circumference, Season 1

grow daisies was an original and hilarious series that also had one of the best forbidden love romances on TV shows of all time. Although a critically acclaimed show, it remained criminally underrated. It was a wonderfully original and brilliantly written show with stunning visuals and a talented cast, and it’s perfect for those who like wholesome shows with a touch of darkness.

Thanks to Push the standswhimsical charm, it quickly gained a cult audience that still hopes for a revival. While nearly every episode of the series is great Halloween movie night options, the Halloween-themed one stands out from all of them. Fans learn more about Olive’s story as the gang tries to track down the murderous ghost of a jockey.

1/8 Frasier – Room Full of Heroes Season 9

fraser is perfect for those looking for classic comfort TV shows. This iconic sitcom is famous for its brilliant cast and writing and for bringing viewers some of the most moving and thought-provoking episodes of all time. fraser is often hailed as one of the best comedy series ever produced, and its long-awaited revival series is coming soon.

During its eleven seasons, fraser received numerous awards, and in its 9th season, the creators also gave fans one of the greatest Halloween episodes in television history. The episode is about Frasier’s emotionally charged Halloween party, during which he and his loved ones celebrate dressed as their personal heroes.

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