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Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival returns for its 36th year – CBS Miami


FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – You could call this year’s 36th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival the United Nations of film festivals. It has a list of around 200 films from 40 countries.

Gregory von Hausch celebrates his 33 years as festival director and is delighted to see him back in full swing this year.

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“Last year we managed to organize the festival and we were delighted with it, but this year will be more like a regular festival. We take precautions so people know they can be safe, ”said von Hausch.

The festival screens films at five Broward County theaters, with Gateway Cinema as the main venue this year.

Iman Zawahry, a University of Florida alumnus who earned a graduate degree in Film from Florida State University Film School, directs the romantic comedy “American-Ish,” which won numerous film awards and premiered in Florida at this year’s festival. For Zawahry, this film has many firsts.

“I am personally one of the first American Hijabi female directors in the country,” Zawahry said. “The movie ‘American-Ish’ is the first American romantic comedy directed by a diverse American Muslim woman about American Muslim women, which is kind of crazy because it’s 2021.”

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She said this film is a lifelong goal.

“All my life I have tried to tell really funny comic stories about Muslim women. Particularly to show that we are not typical, how the media present us as Muslim women. We are fun loving independent American Muslim women and that is my goal, ”she explained.

For von Haush, he’s saying more than ever that it’s time to bring moviegoers back to theaters.

“I think there’s nothing better than having a group of people enjoy a movie together and then articulate a question to the filmmakers,” said von Hausch. “To get that give and take, two ways that will make a film festival, not just ours, but all so unique, so essential to the conversation.”

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The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival runs November 4-21. Click here for more information.

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