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Florinda Meza regretted that Chespirito’s creations were no longer on television


Through Twitter, Florida made public his discomfort because the creations of Roberto Gomez Bolanos they are no longer on TV. The complaint is related to the fact that the children of his partner did not conclude an economic agreement with the company Television and the comedian’s programs have ceased to broadcast.

“My Chapulín heart is sad, because the Chespirito program is not seen on the screens of a world that is so in need of laughter and joy“tweeted the actress who played Doña Florinda in The Chavo of 8.

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Florinda Meza regretted that Chespirito's programs were no longer on Mexican <a class=television. (Picture: Twitter / florindamezach)” src=”https://tn.com.ar/resizer/jwfXV2eWqZiQBLgGvqKUziTk-BI=/767×0/smart/filters:quality(60)/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/artear/SL2OOVPJFBAAZITXCNI7Q2R26M.PNG”/>
Florinda Meza regretted that Chespirito’s programs were no longer on Mexican television. (Picture: Twitter / florindamezach)

The phrase caused controversy as many users wondered if it was a genuine desire or if the artist was only bidding for their own interests. The reason? Since 2021, she has initiated legal proceedings against the children of the Mexican comedian in which asks for part of the rights to the productions of Chespirito.

Given the impact of her tweet, Meza decided to respond to those who criticized her. “I’m spending my money on a legal battle to get my Rober’s will respected and the show back on screens,” she said in another post.

And he added:If it was up to me, the show would never have left the screens. That’s why I’m now in the middle of a legal battle to have my Rober’s will respected and for the program to return to the screens.

The conflict between the children of Roberto Gómez Bolaño and Florinda Meza

According to international media, the children of Roberto Gómez Bolaños they plan a series of productions around the work of their father. It would be a biopic and a comic in which Doña Florinda, the character of Meza, will inevitably appear. For this reason, the actress would be ready to sue them.

This is not the only conflict they face. The situation that triggered the fight is that Meza was not present in the negotiations with Television which led to the end of the worldwide broadcast cycle.

Florinda Meza claims part of the rights to Chespirito's productions.  (Photo: courtesy Televisa).
Florinda Meza claims part of the rights to Chespirito’s productions. (Photo: courtesy Televisa).

For this reason, she would have hired the lawyer Guillermo Pous to advise her in relation to his literary rights as co-author of the program and the intellectual property, image and biographical rights.

In this sense, the lawyer pointed out that Gómez Bolaños named her as “the one in charge of safeguarding integrity” From his work.

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