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First Lady of TV News – Farmville


Every March, Women’s History Month is observed and celebrated for the vital role women have played in American history and beyond.

Dorothy Fuldheim was an American journalist and the presenter is considered the first woman in the United States to host a newscast and host her own television show, a role she held for 37 years.

She has been dubbed the “First Lady of TV News”.

Fuldheim spent most of his career working for The Cleveland Press and WEWS-TV.

In 1959, Fuldheim, who had worked with WEWS even before it aired, began developing his own newscast.

Fuldheim centered his newscast on his interviews, general news overview, and commentary.

According to Biography Today, early in her time at the station, Fuldheim was hired to read the news for 13 weeks before being replaced by a man; she ended up staying with the news program for 37 years.

She anchored the news for 10 years. WEWS also used her as a traveling reporter on assignments from the Middle East to Northern Ireland, and an interview she did

in Hong Kong with two American prisoners freed by Communist China in 1955 won him an award from the National Overseas Press Club.

At 91, she was still conducting interviews and reading on-air commentary three times a day – ended when she suffered a stroke on July 27, 1984, shortly after interviewing US President Ronald Reagan via satellite.