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First Aid Beauty ultra restorative cream sells every 20 seconds – and the brand just paid off 24 student loans


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If you came up with a Venn diagram of popular beauty brands and those do good things for society, the overlap would not be huge. The number is increasing, but it’s hard to find a brand that is committed to giving more than, say, one percent of the profits to a cause – and when they do, it’s often from a single specialty product or a sale, not their overall result. This year, skin care brand First Aid Beauty actually said he was aiming for it, and took advantage of its burgeoning popularity by saving 24 people from the student loan debt crash.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, you’ve missed out on one of Amazon’s perennial bestsellers, Sephora, and Ulta. According to First Aid Beauty, more than 1,575,000 jars of the brand’s Ultra Repairing Cream are sold every year, which works out to one every 20 seconds – and if you take a look at the reviews of the moisturizer and its ranking among Amazon’s best-selling body creams, it’s easy to see why .

We would never fault a brand for making a profit for a wonderful product, but seeing First Aid Beauty reinvesting money in its customers is the best kind of return on investment. Last February (which looks like 18 years ago), the brand announced its commitment to repay $ 1 million in student loan debt through its FAB AID initiative, with 10 percent of proceeds from a special edition FAB AID Ultra Repair Cream added to that $ 1 million contribution. Last week the brand announced its 24 winners, and that this would wipe out nearly $ 1.3 million in student loans.

The reactions alone are enough to make your skin glow. A recipient with $ 91,765 paid said, “You have no idea what this means to me. I feel like I just lost this weight that I have been carrying for so long,” while a another person with $ 17,680 paid said Freedom is going to launch her further in her “calling” to become a nurse and advocate for the Hispanic community.

The combination of a great product with a great cause can’t be beat – it looks like the skin care equivalent of peanut butter and chocolate. First Aid Beauty continues the program until 2021 and extends eligibility to residents of the United States and Canada who have or will graduate from an undergraduate program from January 2011 to August 2021. No purchase is necessary for participate, but if you are looking for a winter “miracle balm” which leaves aggravated silky soft skin for baby, in addition to funding a good cause, look no further.