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Filmmakers hope to recruit locals for proposed filming in Hawley, Pennsylvania


An independent filmmaker offers to make a film in Hawley in the spring and use local people for extras and even small supporting roles.

Kevin Interdonato, who is also an actor, spoke about the project at the Hawley Borough Council meeting on September 14. There was a large audience that evening, mostly there over concerns about the nearby quarry, who were met with the prospect of a film with expressions of interest.

However, the council has yet to give its approval for the project to proceed. Solicitor Robert Bernathy said the council will need lots of specific details, such as dates, times, the need for street closures and insurance requirements. He said the borough will need to be added to the film company’s insurance policy. Bernathy asked him to come back to the board with a proposal.

One of the few films that was made at least in part on location in the Wayne County area was Play for Keeps, which included footage shot in Hawley as well as Honesdale. Playing for Keeps was a 1986 PG-13 comedy, completely unrelated to the present film proposal. Bethany Colony Resort was the main location. This film was written, directed and produced by Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein. Several scenes were filmed in 1984 along Main Avenue and Keystone Street, and inside the Hawley Diner. The restaurant owners went to court for uncompensated damages from the production company two years later. The company also filmed at Miracle Market in Honesdale.

The next scheduled Hawley council meeting is Wednesday, October 12 at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, 94 Main Avenue.

The story synopsis embraces the town of Hawley

Meanwhile, Interdonato has been granted permission to preview the film, which it says will be simply titled “Hawley.”

“‘Hawley’ obviously takes place in Hawley, and we really want to embrace the town,” he explained, later calling the town a “character in itself”. The film centers on two inhabitants of Hawley: a priest and a mechanic with a mysterious past.

Interdonato called it a “very simple story” in which individuals from out of town arrive in Hawley looking for the priest and the mechanic, but “nobody knows why…”

The filmmaker then summed up the plot, concluding with a cliff hanger.

Interdonato said he offered to make the film with business partner Joe Sernio, from Lake Ariel, who is also an actor. A script was written and they spoke to investors who, according to Interdonato, loved the idea of ​​the film.

“We want to bring everyone to town and embrace it,” Interdonato said. “We will also embrace the city.”

He added, “since we want to use the town and put Hawley in a good light”, they hope to recruit locals as extras, featured extras and others for small supporting roles. Interdonato said it would like to start in March or April 2023, assuming it receives borough approval for the project.

In the meantime, the team would be launching and scouting locations. Local business owners would be approached to see who would like to be involved, he said.

Interdonato and Sernio credits include Netflix and Hulu titles

Like other films they’ve made, Interdonato said “Hawley” would be distributed through “Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc.”

Among the film projects that Interdonato and Sernio have had a hand in are the following in which either has been listed as a producer on imbd.com. Titles and film genre are given here. They acted in several. Those in pre-production are marked with a single asterisk or in post-production with two asterisks.

Prohibited:Braek** – horror thriller; Saint Michael of the City** – action crime drama; bully – the comedy; Dirty Dead Con Men behind the scenes – short documentary.

Sernio: The cabin on the lake* -horror; No excuses (filming) – drama, rated PG; Meet Mario – short fiction film, rated TV-PG and The truck stop – dramatic thriller.

Interdonato and Sernio have worked together on a number of projects, including: The bastard sons** – detective thriller; Like – short thriller; Dirty crook dead – action crime drama; Bad Frank – dramatic thriller.

More details about the “Hawley” film project, including its genre and duration, were not shared. Messages were left at Interdonato asking for more information.

Interdonato, 43, is from New Jersey. He joined the Army National Guard and served in the Iraq War. He took his first acting class on a whim in New York City while attending community college. As an actor, his 55 film credits include several shorts and TV series and eight as a producer, according to imbd.com. He played for about 20 years.

Also from New Jersey, Sernio was in the restaurant business before entering the entertainment industry, having earned 26 credits as a television or film actor, eight as a producer and five as a writer. , according to imbd.com.

For more information on Interdonato’s film career, see: imdb.com/name/nm1155450/ and for Sernio’s film career, visit: imdb.com/name/nm2062729/.