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Family Game Fight! : Season 1 reviews – canceled and renewed TV shows


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have each had hit scripted TV shows on NBC. But, how their Family fighting game! series perform in the odds? Will this newcomer be canceled or renewed for season two? Stay tuned.

A series of competitions, Family play fight! was inspired by the antics of Bell and Shepard on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The show pits husband and wife as they are “adopted” into a family of four (actual family members or groups of friends) competing in a series of fun, larger-than-life games. They include “Between the Sheets”, “Pie Rollers”, “Sound Bites”, “Taste Buds”, “Air Heads”, “Nosy Neighbors”, “Deep Dish Dash” and “Brain Freeze”. The winning family then plays a bonus game called “Spin Cycle”. On a rotating platform, Bell and Shepard describe different words in different ways for family members to guess. Each correct answer is worth $ 10,000 and the family can win up to $ 100,000.

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What do you think? Do you like it Family fighting game! TV series on NBC? Should it be canceled or renewed for a second season?

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