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Everything We Know About The Zack Snyder Movie Story


Zack Snyder’s sci-fi epic Rebel Moon is currently in production – we’re getting into everything that’s known about the story for the next Netflix movie.

What do we currently know about the story of Zack Snyder’s upcoming sci-fi movie? rebel moon? After the success of Snyder’s zombie movie army of the deadhis first film with Netflix, the director has many other projects for the streaming platform underway as part of the first look deal for his and Deborah Snyder’s production company, The Stone Quarry. rebel moon is the first to go into production, and its development history goes back quite a long way.

throughout life star wars fan, Snyder originally designed rebel moon like a star wars film. Despite this, Snyder failed to get his pitch for rebel moon from the ground like a tale told in the star wars Sandbox. After closing The Stone Quarry’s deal with Netflix, Snyder reworked rebel moon in a new universe.


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Filming has started for rebel moon earlier in 2022, with filming continuing until around November. The extended production time of rebel moon isn’t shocking, both for Snyder’s penchant for grand storytelling and known galactic adventure details. rebel moon is ready to take viewers away. Here is everything we currently know about rebel moonand what those details could mean for the film itself and the cinematic universe it establishes.

The general history of Rebel Moon

rebel moon will focus on a colony in a distant galaxy that is under attack from an interplanetary warlord known as Regent Balisarius. To fight against the coming invasion, a young woman is tasked with gathering a defense force to resist the attack. This leads him to recruit well-known warriors from other planets to help defend his people. Whereas rebel moonit’s a little A thug-reflective history could well be seen as inhabiting the star wars universe, Snyder also cited Akira Kurosawa’s universe Seven Samurai as an influence on the film. In terms of clear story details, rebel moonThe basic outline of is the only real information on what it will entail at this time, though more will likely be revealed as production on the film continues. Meanwhile, a number of characters have already been revealed that may shed more light. rebel moonthe story.

Confirmed characters for Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder shares new images as Rebel Moon begins production

Sofia Boutella will play the warrior heroine of rebel moon, which is named after Kora, with Boutella sharing training videos on social media indicating Kora as a very physical role, as is often the case in any Zack Snyder film. The tyrannical Balisaire, who could have influences from street fighter‘s M. Bison, as seen in concept art by Snyder, had a few bumps in the road to casting, with Rupert Friend initially portraying the warlord before having to back out due to scheduling issues. This would lead to Ed Skrein taking on the role.

Djimon Hounsou will also play General Titus in rebel moon, with a picture of Hounsou (seen above) showing Titus in full battle armor. Additionally, Ray Fisher, known for portraying Cyborg in Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguewill play a character known as Blood Ax in rebel moon. The name alone certainly suggests that Fisher’s Blood Ax is a warrior whose reputation precedes him as someone Kora would likely consider a valuable ally. The film would feature a villainous spider-human hybrid known as Harmada, but it’s still unclear who is playing her. While the cast will also include, among others, Charlie Hunnam, Cary Elwes, Doona Bae and Jena Malone, the other characters of rebel moon remain largely undisclosed, although there has been online speculation of Malone playing Harmada. That said, the model of the film itself could say a lot about this.

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Rebel Moon will be a two-part epic with spin-off possibilities

Concept art photo of the rebellious moon

Rather than being a singular film, rebel moon is actually two films shot back to back. Snyder is known for telling stories with extended runtimes, especially in his superhero movies, and the benefits of a streaming platform like Netflix seem ideal for that. As a two-part epic, it could suggest many story-dividing possibilities, from a cliffhanger ending in Rebel Moon 1 to a more definitive conclusion with rebel moon 2 acting as an individualized story. Add to rebel moonfuture plans for rebel moon as an IP could also hint at something key about the story the two-part sci-fi adventure will tell.

Snyder and Netflix have both expressed hope for the universe-building potential of rebel moonwhile their aspirations based on various comments suggested spinoffs like rebel moonrather than a more direct sequel. If so, this seems to indicate that rebel moonThe story of is meant to have a clear resolution at the end. If so, that would establish rebel moon as the foundation of its universe in terms of the potential stories that could arise from it, but also as a self-contained narrative within it. In essence, both parties rebel moon The story might have a definite ending, but the universe it sets up will be expansive with the potential for continued spin-off exploration.

In rebel moonis post-star wars transformation, the two-part film had a similar story to the eventual production of Army of the Dead; two films that had long been stuck in development hell for years, driven by the streaming perks Netflix offered. Undoubtedly, the adjustment process during this period was much more pronounced for rebel moon in order to delete his old star wars connections and establish it as a totally new story. In the end, while most of the details about the universe and the story of rebel moon remain secret, what has been revealed shows that Snyder’s concept has enormous potential. With rebel moon, Snyder’s two-part plan teases an expansive scope that’s also a standalone story. Even still, Netflix and Snyder’s hoped-for spinoff possibilities like rebel moonType architect George Lucas makes it clear that neither sees it as a two-and-done; exciting news for sci-fi fans and Zack Snyder fans.

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