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Elden Ring’s Hilarious Video Shows Opening Friends-Style TV Show


An Elden Ring player creates an awesome and hilarious intro sequence for the game based on the Friends TV show that features a ton of the game’s cast.

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More and more players are finishing their first game of Ring of Elden, and the reviews are still rave reviews. Sporting some of the toughest combat in the game, as well as a tight-knit community and near-endless discoveries in the open world, Ring of Elden contains a huge amount of content and gameplay for players.

The sense of community is evident to any player who has activated the online mode. No matter where one goes, messages will be waiting for them when they arrive. Now whether the posts are helpful or whether they are misleading posts planted by Ring of Elden trolls is at the discretion of the reader, but whatever the message conveyed, it seems that they are not alone in their adventure.


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Although there is a great sense of community in the game, one can easily find groups for online play as well. For example, Reddit has a thriving Ring of Elden community where hundreds of posts are posted daily. These messages vary from in-game clips of player successes or failures to Ring of Elden pot boy sculptures created using a 3D printer. However, another site for Ring of Elden content is YouTube, and YouTuber Marco Yolo recently posted an amazing intro for Ring of Elden based on the tv show Friends.

Using intro music from the TV show as well as footage from the game, Marco Yolo was able to craft an intro that incorporated many of the most important secondary characters as well as some of the game’s bosses, such as Ring of Eldenby Starscourge Radahn. What works best for the video is how Marco aligns these clips with the show’s theme song, turning the intro into a series of fun clips featuring the main character as well as well-timed cuts for secondary characters and bosses. Perhaps the funniest of these was when Fia hugged the player, only to then immediately cut to Patches kicking the player off a cliff.

YouTube commenters loved the video and many added their own jokes below the intro. For example, a shot of the video shows Ring of Elden‘s turtle pope titled as such, which one user insisted should be corrected to “dog pope”. Another photo references this joke, as a turtle is instead labeled as a dog; it’s been a running joke in the game since day one, as players have left messages in front of all kinds of animals calling them dogs. Another user joked that this new For honor The update looks good, hinting that Marco Yolo usually releases content for this game.

Jokes aside, Marco Yolo’s thematic intro is an incredible piece of work that deserves a ton of recognition. With perfect music and scene mixes as well as hilarious portrayals and names for the characters, the video is a riot from start to finish.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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